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Jun 5, 2007 11:10 AM

Scottsdale for a week

I have been reading up, so I'll try to narrow down my request (Seth, you have been very helpful). My wife and I are coming later this summer, staying @ The Royal Palm Resort. We'll have a rental car so any place within 30 min. or so no problem. We have lived in a small town on the NC coast for the last few years so really looking forward to so many ethnic choices. Thanks for all suggestions and links if possible.

Breakfast - I have read a lot of people like Matt's BB, OPH & Butterfields. I love carb's in the morning - pancakes', french toast, etc. Any place that does these well, also any good coffee/bakery shops. Always looking for a great cinnamon roll/sticky bun.

Lunch - There are some mex/SW places that I want to try (Los Dos Molinos, Los Sombreros) but would also like the name of a good Indian buffet.

Dinner - Probably try T. Cook's one night, Trader Vic's another - never been to one and my wife love's this type of food, Tradiciones sounded like a good all around Mexican place to try.
Roaring Fork or Cowboy Ciao? skip both? Sounds like RF has gone downhill lately. Trente Cinq 35 looked good from the recent review.

I get all the fresh seafood I want living on the coast, but don't care for sushi and make a damn good steak when I want it. So basically, for anything else that I can't get in my little corner of the world I would appreciate your reccomendations -

Also - lunch spot in Sedona.


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  1. Just a couple of notes....

    Give La Grande Orange a try for a breakfast/light lunch one day. It's a very popular spot that's often crowded on the weekends, so mid-week might be your best bet. Try the croque madame or their french pancakes...also, the orange juice is real and veryyy good. It's also only a couple of miles away from RP, which is probably a bonus.

    If I had to choose between Roaring Fork and Cowboy Ciao, well, it wouldn't even be a choice - Cowboy Ciao will be like nothing you'll find in NC and is consistently top-notch.

    If sticky buns are your thing, El Chorro Lodge is the place; they're gratis, so maybe pop in, maybe have a drink and put the buns in your wife's purse (after you polish off a basket). It has a unique AZ charm all to it's own, and since it's not that far away, is definitely worth a stop.

    I just visited Phoenix Ranch Market/Tradiciones this weekend for the first time, and wow, all I can say is go there. If you don't have time to venture to Mexico, this is your next best-bet; I can't recommend it enough.

    Have fun!

    1. Breakfast - hit Richardson's...PLEASE. They have wonderful breakfast/brunch on the weekends. A bloody mary and carne adovada are a nice way to start the day.

      Lunch - Phoenix Ranch Market. My mouth is watering as I type. Head into the market itself and eat from their hot foods area. Grab an agua from the cute little counter and you're set. I would skip Tradicciones, but I'm more into the whole mercado vibe that you get in Mexico, which is what eating in the market offers. I would get a late lunch here and then possibly a snack later that night.

      Breakast or Lunch - Le Grande Orange. Everybody has their favorite thing *croque madame*, but we all agree that the english muffins are tops. If you go for breakfast on your Sedona day, you can grab a loaf of MJ's figgy bread and some cheese for the ride up.

      Dessert/Snack - Arcchelino Gelateria, right next to LGO above. Try the pistachio, you'll love it.

      1. Breakfast -- T. Cook's at your hotel is my favorite restaurant breakfast. Give it a try at least once.

        Lunch -- Pita Jungle (Arcadia location) and Delux are just west of your hotel and are good choices. As for Indian buffets, my favorites are in Tempe, but there is a place near the Scottsdale Center for the Arts known as Jewel of the Crown.

        Dinner -- I recommend Tarbell's and Marcellino

        With the exception of Jewel of the Crown, all restaurants mentioned are on the east side of Phoenix, as is your hotel.

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          Good call with both, Tarbell's & Marcellino.


        2. The breakfast places you listed (and those mentioned by others) are all good. Silverbear is right, T. Cooks does a great breakfast, and their Sunday brunch is my favorite in town. Everything is just very fresh and not overwhelming in scope.

          For lunch, Los Dos is great, but it will be a bit of a drive from your hotel. It can also be explosively spicy, just so you're ready for it. El Bravo is a good, simple alternative if you want to try a very clean "hole in the wall" Mexican place (7th St and Northern). There is a decent Indian Buffet at Taste of India (16th Street North of Indian School, I think Seth recently did a dinner review), and it is probably the closest one to your hotel.

          Dinner - Cowboy Ciao over Roaring Fork, no question. Get the chopped's something you won't find anywhere else, and you may find yourself addicted. Another suggestion unique to the area is Rancho Pinot (S.W. corner Scottsdale Rd. and Lincoln).

          Have a great trip.


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          1. re: barry

            Thanks a lot guys. I'm refining my list a bit with your help. Anybody got a favorite place in Sedona for lunch?

          2. I'm with you on most choices. Just had T Cook's for a brunch, and it was as good, as I remembered the dinners. I have had some very negative reviews of the Trader Vic's location, but these have almost all been from locals, who still fondly recall the original. I have not been, but based on the reviews, am not likely to try it in the near future.

            If I were torn between Cowboy Caio and Roaring Fork, I'd choose CC, in a heartbeat, even though I find it too loud - better food and wine.

            Normally, I'd recommend L'Auberge de Sedona for lunch, but several respected 'hounds have panned it, mostly for dinner, and it HAS been a few years, since we dined there.


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Last November I had dinner at Sassi at Pinnacle Peak (North of Scottsdale)--on the patio, with a view of the lights of Scottsdale and dim cactus outlines, with fires roaring on the patio, and some seriously good Italian food. I'm planning a trip back just to eat there again.