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Jun 5, 2007 11:07 AM

Copper River salmon at Safeway

Hello hounds. Just a quick note to say my weekly Safeway newspaper insert advertises Copper River salmon at $9.99/lb. beginning tomorrow (Wednesday). This is usually a short run -- a week or two. And the value is tremendous. Particularly this year when we've seen the local Coho run severely constrained and most wild salmon fillets in the $16-$20 range. Get it while you can.

Sushi Monster

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  1. The CR Salmon industry has changed, "they" started with Chinook (King) Salmon and a short season, "they" are now also marketing Sockeye (Blueback) Salmon. The Sockeye retail season is longer than the Chinook, CR Sockeyes have been available in the Bay Area for at least a couple of weeks.

    Locally, there is no recreational/commercial season on Cohos (Silvers), they are endangered. Chinook from the Klamath River are threatened due to (lack of) water releases from the Dams on the Klamath and the diversion of Trinity River water. "Locally" there is no problem with Sacramento River Fall Run of Chinook Salmon, but there are closures in place to protect the Summer Run and probably to protect the Cohos.

    1. It was at Costco in Danville this weekend for $9.99 a pound. There was no signage - I just came upon it. It was terrific!!!

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          That's for sashimi for those who can read Chinese.

        2. Has anyone seen an ad for CR King?


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