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Jun 5, 2007 11:04 AM

Bulk Candy?

I'm contemplating doing a candy buffet. Cheesy, I know, but I'm entertaining the option.

I know Candy Warehouse on 3rd downtown ( has an incredible selection, but something tells me they're not the cheapest game in town.

Of course, the best thing with candy is to lie in wait until V-day or Easter of Halloween. But in terms of general every day purchases, is there somewhere great to buy bulk:

-Jelly Bellies
-chocolate covered malt balls
-colorful candy sticks (like candy canes, but sticks of different colors)
-swirly lollipops
-good chocolate squares (not Hershey's! At least Ghiardelli if not better)

Any American classic candy. Mmm...candy...I don't even like candy and thinking about all these colors is making me giddy

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  1. You can buys bulk Jellie Bellies direct from the factory and have them shipped.

    A better Option is Garvey Candy, near the Citadel. I got the beans for my wedding favors there. They are even open to the public during the week.

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      1. I agree that Garvey is the way to go. I work part-time at a candy store and that is where we get all of our good bulk shipments from. Especially if you are near the actual store, that would be ideal. Good luck and I recently attended a reception with a candy buffet and it was a huge hit!

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          Thank you! The Citadel isn't too far at all; I can collapse a trip to Garvey with a dress shopping excursion. Do they have a retail store where I can see all the candy and see what colors go together, or just a catalog and I pick?

          1. re: Pei

            Garvey on a weekday opens the bulk area, I think, so you can scamper through and get what you'd like. There is a link to the site in my post above.

            Have fun!

          1. re: wylei

            I thought about Costco. I'll probably do this:

            -a few more unusual items from a bulk candy store, becaues that's the only place you can buy 10 pounds of something in a color of my choice just to kind of match the room (a few large glass jars of just blue, or just green, or just pink, etc.)
            -some chocolate squares
            -a balance of candy and chocolates that we like but don't come in special colors, in bowls and jars that aren't see through.

            I think that'll give me a nice balance of saving money because I can buy non-color specific candy at after Easter and after Halloween sales (I'm planning for January 2008), and depending on what I end up with I can go to Garvey in November and round out the color scheme.

            Thanks, all! I just called Garvey and the lady was incredibly helpful in terms of suggesting substitute candies (M&Ms are expensive, mint balls are not, etc.) and telling me how much I need (1lb a guest for all out candy craziness, as little as 1/2 to keep things under control).

            They are a cash and carry warehouse open to the public. You can go look at everything, some display boxes are open, but some you can only see in the catalog and there is no opening of candy to sample (darn).

            1. re: Pei

              Costco is great! What about Smart & Final? Sometimes they have some good-old-american candies in bulk (like Big Hunk) and some novelty candies. You could probably try Temptation Chocolate Factory in Alhambra, I believe they cater.

          2. You might also try