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Jun 5, 2007 11:03 AM

What do you do with canned stewed tomatoes?

I haven't ever cooked anything with stewed tomatoes from the can. How do people use them?

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  1. It's a classic pairing with mac and cheese. Really, I've never used them in a recipe because I've not felt comfortable substituting them for canned tomatoes due to the sweetnes, but I'm sure that there are great recipes using them. I just use them as a side dish. Where I grew up, they were always offered as a side choice.

        1. re: chemchef

          I always add a can to my beef stew.

        2. Throw them out ... just kidding. Watch the salt content when cooking.

          In a pinch, I add them to my chili pot, tomato sauce for pasta. My dad used to love them just heated up in a pot as a vegetable side. (not my favorite).

          My grandmother used to make this poggie dinner with CST's. Cook Kraft Dinner macaroni and drain well. Spray a square glass baking or casarole dish and cover bottom with pasta. Top with celery, onion, (I add mushrooms). Drain and add CST and then sprinkle breadcrumbs and KD cheese and dabs of butter on top. Bake at 350F until hot and top is brown. Serve hot with a salad or side veg of some sort.

          1. sometime I like to cook stewed tomatoes with some spinach, garlic and seasoning, then just before serving it, I'll drop an egg or two on top and let it cook till the yolk is still a little runny and eat it with some crusty bread.