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Jun 5, 2007 11:01 AM

morels in Kennett Square

Those of you who have been to the Kennet Square Farmers Market on Fridays in the summer, could you tell me if morels are available there? How are the prices of the produce overall? Is it an abundant market? Variety? Pro's and Con's?

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  1. Just wondering where I can buy Morels and other mushrooms in Kennett Square on a weekend?

    1. I've never seen fresh morels for sale anywhere around kennett and, judging from the lack of posts, others have not as well. Even the place that has a sign that adveritses "exotic mushrooms" doesnt have them. You may have to stick with dried. The ks market is small and prices about average/high. West Chester (Saturdays a.m.) is bigger, prices about the same. If you drive west out of town (kennett) on the main drag to where it joins rt 41 (about 5 miles) on the right just past dunkin donuts is a place called (I think) M. Cutone. They sell a variety of m'rooms they grow there (buttons, porto's, crimini, oyster, etc and the prices and quality are good ($1.50/lb for white buttons). Open every day except Sunday i believe.

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        Also, it's not really morel season, particularly in the NE. Great year for chanterelles though.

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          Hopefully, Phil has found them in the 2+ years from his post.

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            That wouldn't really help out lillotis who revived this topic.

            lillotis, are you married to the idea of visiting Kennett Square for your mushrooms? I've never found a very wide breadth of options there.

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              OK- went to the one store we could find that sold mushrooms and they were the same old kind I could get at any market by my house. No morels or chanterelles, or anything more exotic at all. I guess I will keep stalking Whole Foods, they seem to be the only place around that gets Chanterelles. As for Morels, haven;t seen fresh ones in a few years. Besides heading to Reading Terminal, any place in burbs where I can find more unique varieties?

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                Wegmans for chanterelles. Morels are typically a spring item, no?

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                  There are some places that sell Morels and Chantrelles in Kennett Square. They just don't advertise them. When in the area we buy boxes of mushrooms from
                  The Chantrelles and Morels they usually have I think they import from Europe.

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            We bought mushrooms last year en route from the Green Dragon market (in Ephrata) to Delaware. I am pretty sure that Cutone was the place based on my finding a picture of the place on Google Maps. The prices were very reasonable and obviously they were extremely fresh. We're planning to go back in April when we go to visit my son at school (in Delaware). Is Cutone still the best place to go? I like that they're open 7 days.

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              I just checked out their website and it looks like they sell only processed mushrooms -- marinated and blanched. It doesn't say anything about fresh mushrooms, but if you find fresh morels or porcini there (when is porcini season?), I'd love to know.

              1. re: CindyJ

                The website is mainly for their processed mushroom company in Massachusetts. Here is the info on their location in Avondale that I found from another site. I know I bought bulk bags of fresh portabello and oyster mushrooms from someone I be3lieve was them last summer (as I said, the picture on Google Maps matches what I remember). I have not called them since I am not going until April but please report back if you call.

                Cutone’s Fresh Mushrooms
                1/4 mile south of Va La on Route 41, offering just picked Avondale Mushrooms. Open 7 Days: 9AM - 3PM (610) 268-2271.

                I believe their actual address info is 202 Church St, Avondale, PA 19311

                I had stopped at a different place before I found them and they were much more expensive and were basically selling packages that you'd find in your local grocery.

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  We're going to Delaware this weekend so I called to verify this info. They are open 7 days. Their current mushrooms and pricing:

                  3lb white $4
                  1lb portabello $3
                  1lb oyster $3.50
                  1lb shitake $4.50
                  1lb cremini $2.50

                  Nothing overly exotic but fresh and very good quality as I recall.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. Last week I saw morels at the Whole Foods in North Wales. But, they were selling fast at $29.95 a pound so I don't know if there are any left.

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                The Stockton Market in Stockton New Jersey has a vendor Chettie's Exotic Mushrooms he has had morels and chanterelles from Oregeon for 2 weeks, they are small but were delicious. His mushrooms are very fresh.

              2. I'm not sure you can get fresh local morels or porcini - I'm into my shrooms and I have never found any. But I do like this local mushroom source. They're not in Kennett but they are use more natural growing practices: "sustainable, chemical-free, natural supplements,and organic straw." So far, I've seen them @ PFM selling cremini, shiitake, oyster & trumps. Everything I've had from them has been delicious and obviously :very: fresh.

                Joe and Angela Evans
                Oley Valley Mushroom
                14 Ridgewood Lane, Oley, PA 19547

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                  Livingoods has had morels in past years - sadly they are not returning to the RTM this season, so I don't know about this year.