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Jun 5, 2007 10:54 AM

What is your favorite CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP kitchen gadget

I have to say, mine was the cast iron enamel cookware I picked up at Sears. They had mismarked it so I grabbed two enameled dutch ovens (Cruese knock offs) for $9.99 each.

Sticking with under $20, I also got a preseasoned cast iron griddle there as well. I love that thing.

What about you?

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  1. I don't consider them gadgets, but the Calphalon anodized I have bought on super sale at Amazon ($20 and under) have been some great deals.

    For pure gadgets: an olive spoon, small bamboo tongs, spring loaded tongs, silicon spatulas, microplane, reamer.

    1. The last time I ordered lobsters, the company threw in two pairs of lobster shears, which I found make good all-purpose kitchen cutters, better than typical scissors., They're $12.95 here:

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        Shipping price is $21.95. Where else can it be purchased?

        1. re: conniemcd

          Wow, that much for shipping is ridiculous. I was lucky -- I happened to see they were having a half-price sale on lobster tails and 2 shears came free.The site below has "kitchen shears" that look very similar. Shipping for something that light shouldn't be much. Some lobster shears on the web have very short blades, making them single-purpose tools.

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            To me they just look like regular kitchen shears. You can find those anywhere. Tack on the word "Lobster" to anything and you increase the sale price...

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              I have three seafood shears, and they are different from kitchen shears. My Wusthof shears can cut through chicken bones, but these seafood shears can make it through the thickest and largest lobster claws.

      2. the pastry scraper that i use every day to scoop up all the chopped meat and veggies to transfer to the pot. i also love my oxo peeler, the microplane zester. i bought some awesome olive wood spoons in France that are hefty and strong.

        1. Not my all-time fav but definitely my latest fav. Chef'n Palm Peeler. $4.99 at Target.

          1. Mine is a boil over? It is under $10, and is this round disk with curve on opposite sides. It prevents your water/or whatever from boiling over. I think I purchased in on I did have one that was glass and it broke, now I have a metal one. Love IT!!!

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              a wooden chopstick or wooden spoon also works, tho' they may not be long enough to go the diameter of the pot. (old camping trick ;-) )