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Jun 5, 2007 10:49 AM

Delicious Cupcake at Trois Pommes

I went to Trois Pommes on 5th Ave for the first time yesterday and bought their huge chocolate cupcake filled with mocha cream (it looked like a huge homemade Yankee Doodle.) It was amazing! So much better than Magnolia or Sweet Melissa. The only thing was the price ($4--ouch) but it was worth it. The two women who work there are so nice also. Can't wait to try more. I requested they make homemade's hoping...

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  1. $4 for a cupcake? Have we not taken this too far? Shouldn't the cupcake be a buck and a half and we can make a $2.50 donation to God's Love We Deliver or any other food-related charity? Sure, they must be paying $60 a square foot for rent on Fifth Ave.
    (RIP, Anthony S.), but what is the point? As far as I can tell, this is an example of merchants testing the market: create a product and charge the maximum the market will support.

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    1. re: famdoc

      I know--it's a lot of money. But it was soooo good. (And about the size of 2 cupcakes.) Provence en Boite on Smith St has upped their prices to $4 for an eclair and most pastries! I don't think those are worth it. Except for maybe the apple strudel.

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      1. I'll give it a try since I'm a cupcake afficionado. I don't care about the price- that sounds about right. Two Little Hens charges that for their Blackout cupcake and Downtown Atlantic is $4 for their Hostess cupcake look-alike. I've seen the Trois Pommes Hostess look-alike and it didn't look that appealing, the frosting looked sparse and like Betty Crocker- they also told me it was filled with a coffee-mocha, which sounded gross. I got a moonpie instead and was unimpressed- but I'll see what it's all about- it's a cute bakery and PS needs a decent cupcake place on 5th- I'm looking at you Sugar Sweet Sunshine or Buttercup).

        1. Well, I tried the cupcake with mocha cream and wasn't that impressed. The cake itself was good and the cream was delicious but there just wasn't much of it. All there was was a tiny pocket in a corner of the cake. The frosting, however, was just boring and thinly spread. Get it together Trois Pommes...I want a good bakery on Fifth.

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            If you like chocolate cupcakes, then get yourself to The Chocolate Room on 5th. They make what could be the best chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing I've ever had - not too sweet but rich and flavorful. And I think it's $2. Serious goodness.

          2. i had a very ok, just ok, scone there - was $2.50, which seemed really expensive to me. it was SMALL, which is fine if the price is cheaper. when will there be a GREAT bakery (amazing coffee, cheese rolls, good muffins/scones) in Park Slope. I love Red Hen, but not a breakfast on the way to the subway place. Trois Pomme seems like it has too much overlap with Sweet Melissa... and I'm never really inspired to EAT anything at either place! SAD.

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            1. re: tstar

              Cousin John's is good for breakfast sweets...not so much for desserts.

              And that "Frenchie' place by Smiling Pizza is another let down. I asked the girl behind the counter if the frosting on their cupcakes was a buttercream like Magnolia's and she shrugged "yes". When I got home it tasted like frothy Crisco...I threw it out. Sweet Melissa just looks like tortured cupcakes and precious overpriced sweets.

              You would think there's a market in PS for something like this. I know the rents are high but they can't be higher than the West Village (Magnolia) or the LES (Sugar Sweet Sunshine) or Midtown East (Buttercup).

              1. re: pastoralia

                i dont agree with you on cousin john's desserts. one of their chocolate cakes was my bday cake last year and it was very good. moreover, i think that their cheesecake is very good, dare i say excellent.

                1. re: prcentauri

                  Hmmm...maybe I'll give that a try. Do they have single serve desserts? I don't need a whole cake...just a cupcake.

                  I guess we should all be lucky that the Cake Man is so close in Fort Greene.

                2. re: pastoralia

                  I agree in general about Sweet Melissa being overpriced but have you tried that beesting glaze thing with pastry cream in it? not very pricey and big.

                  do we really need a kitschy cupcake place? please
                  there is precious little butter in anyone's frosting these days.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Yes, we do need one. That's why everyone's on this post because they saw "Delicious Cupcake".

                    What's the "bee sting thing?" at Sweet Melissa?

                    1. re: pastoralia

                      Im just cynical - most such stuff in NY is dry, oversweet and lacking in butteriness. Im sure Mayor Mike approves.

                      The "beesting" thing is some kind of a rich yeast dough pastry filled with pastry cream glazed with what I guess is a honey (bee-sting) glaze. glaze.

                      1. re: jen kalb

                        Mayor Mike came out against trans fats, not butter. A lover of buttercream should agree with that, no? Or do you prefer Criscocream toppings?! :)

                3. re: tstar

                  have you tried the curried chicken salad with mango chutney mayo and currants on a croissant from sweet melissa? i am generally not a huge fan of the place but that sandwich really is of my favorite chicken salads in the hood.