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Jun 5, 2007 10:18 AM

Memphis, TN restaurants that can deliver

I have some friends who are now living at the Target House near St. Jude's medical center while they care for their 3 year old son who is battling cancer. I have never been to Memphis and wondered if anyone could recommend some family friendly restaurants so that I can send my friends, or restaurants that could deliver to Target House. They are a family of seven. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hi there - I live near the Target House, so these are some options that are in the area or deliver in the area.

    Dino's is a neighborhood Italian restaurant several blocks north of Target House on McLean. They have kid-friendly dishes and recently have offered some more dressed-up options for adults.
    On Madison, one block south and a few blocks east of Target House, there are a lot of options for dining. Probably the most family-friendly are Huey's, where you can get your burger fix, and Molly's La Casita for Mexican.
    If the family is more adventurous, India Palace (one block west of TH) on Poplar is a very welcoming environment for families. And the food is consistently good (buffet lunch).
    Pei Wei, the quick-casual sibling of PF Chang's is at Union and Belvedere, a few blocks southwest of TH. They don't have delivery, but they do have quick takeout. You could dine-in, but the atmosphere is really loud and hectic.
    For barbecue, there are several nearby options. Your best bet (and my favorite in the city) is on Madison, one block south and a couple blocks east of TH - the Bar-B-Q Shop. Nice folks, great food. Their takeout always hits the spot too!
    I can't leave out Fino's, which is a block south of TH at McLean and Madison - great Italian deli food. Might be a better take-out option than dine in - it can get crowded. Lunch only.
    There are a ton of restaurants within a mile's radius of Target House - I've probably left out some gems - your friends shouldn't have too much difficulty finding good food.

    Camy's is the best delivery in the area - they have really good sandwiches (hot or cold) - their other dishes have an Italian focus (pizza, lasagne, etc.). They are quick and have good coupons.

    1. Two other suggestions in the same general neighborhood for the more adventurous - Lobster King on Cleveland south of Poplar and Pho Saigon on Poplar at Tillman.

      1. I second everything that Memphis Al said, except Dino's.

        Delivery (beyond the standard pizza) is pretty crappy in Memphis, with the exception of the aforementioned Camy's, but you could walk to Fino's, Huey's, Molly's, India Palace, or The Bar-B-Q shop in under fifteen minutes. Also Kwik-Chek (across from Molly's on Madison, and is probably misspelled) has a great assortment of sandwiches you won't find elsewhere.