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Jun 5, 2007 10:00 AM

chinese breakfast with donuts and soy milk?

I think its typical to a “shanghainese” breakfast. Basically I’m looking for good chinese donuts (the long deep fried dough sticks), and “dow jeung”, which is fresh warm soy milk you can order either salty or sweet. The salty (which I prefer) is usually served with chives and sometimes with chili oil. You dip the donuts in the warm soy milk. YUM!

When I was growing up in the SF area, I ate this all the time so I thought it was very common, but after several years in NYC I don’t know where to find it (but haven't looked very hard either). Now I have an intense craving so any help is appreciated!

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    1. i think you'll have to go to Flushing for anything decent - try the restaurant at to 41-27 Main St (next to the public library) or Shanghai Tide on 40th Rd. The 7 train will take you right there.

      1. CoLuck on Bowery street btwn bayard and canal (in the chinatown arcade) serves it. Opens 8am.

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          is that the hk style diner place in the actually hallway, its closer to elizabeth to the left of the malaysian place right?