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Oyster Recs??

Looking for a place with a long and varied list of oysters from different places. Any ideas??

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    1. re: Lucia

      Mermaid Inn, wild Salmon, BLT Fish

        1. re: Andrew P.

          I ate at Mermaid two nights ago and they only had two kinds of oysters. The east coast were excellent, though.

        1. Balthazar usually has a decent selection of west and east coast oysters. They are always delicious!

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          1. re: cornellfrancis

            Grand Central Oyster Bar.
            No competion.

            Lure Fishbar

          2. The Osyter Bar in Grand Central Station. Sit at the bar where you can watch as your oysters are opened for you.

            1. I also think that Grand Central Oyster Bar has the largest selection. Wild Edibles may also carry more variety compared to other restaurants.

              1. here's where i have a problem with gct oyster bar:

                oysters are shucked with indifference. plenty of grit and shell parts left on the oyster shell.

                oysters are many and varied but not filtered for quality. big burlap bags of oysters sounds good but the management team seems more interested in turning stuff over rather than providing a quality oyster experience.

                don't want to belabor the point, gct oyster bar is good for pan roasts at the counters and precious little else. oh, i also like the bar in the back.

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                1. re: steve h.

                  I guess you've run into a less skilled oyster shucker. I've been very happy with oysters at the Oyster Bar. With only a couple of exceptions (pan roasts, chowder) all of their other food is overpriced and average at best, but I'll return for a beer and assorted oysters over and over again.

                  1. re: batterypark

                    howdy batterypark,

                    i wish my sample was small but that's simply not the case. i'm still a fan of the pan roasts and still a fan of the back bar but nothing else calls me there. pity, it used to be pretty good.

                2. Aquagrill. They should have a selection of 25+ on any given night.

                  1. Aquagrill, at the corner of Spring st. & Broadway, does an oyster happy hour, and the quality is excellent. I believe the max you can order at happy hour is 16 at any one time.

                    1. Shaffer City is the best freshest selection in the city. Aqua grill is #2.

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                        GCT and Aquagrill

                        Not sure if the selection is as large, but Fish on Bleeker is very fresh and less expensive than the others.