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Place to take hubby after his wisdom teeth come out?

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He's getting them yanked on Firday. Where can I go for good soft not expensive food to treat him with on Saturday?

he likes pretty much anything.

SFV and LA only. he won't feel like traveling far!

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  1. the rice pudding bar at the whole foods in el segundo!

    1. The very soft gnocchi at Al Gelato in Beverly Hills. For $15 both of you can share a big bowl. The tomato basil sauce is great, but some people find it a bit on the sweet side. Only thing is that hubby won't be able to have bread with it. You can finish with gelato.

      1. Soup at NAte and Al's.

        You can have the Corned Beef.

        1. any good recommendations for noodles for the sick?

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            Daikokuya, Pho (any good Pho Joint), Kyshu, and many, many more.

          2. Grandpa's Porrige at Blue Hen in Eagle Rock on Colorado is very soothing and filling. It is a savoury porrige with brown rice and chick stock.

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              is the rice in little kernels? Those might get into his pits.

              1. re: Diana

                it is cooked for a long time in the stock and turns into a pudding like substance

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                  Pits? I thought they were called Deep Pockets. Either way, I have been there, Gag me with a spoon! Home is good but if you decide to go out then maybe try Sir George's. They seem to always have JELL-O and at least they do that right.

              2. Folks, we've removed some off topic posts from this thread. If you'd like to give Diana suggestions for specific local restaurants/markets with foods that would be good for her hubby, please add those suggestions here.

                Diana, if you are looking for general suggestions on what types of foods would be best for your hubby, please start a new thread on the General Chowhounding Topics board, where the information will be useful to hounds everywhere. This helps us keep this board narrowly focused on sharing tips of interest only to local LA hounds.

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                    I am a dentist and a foodie; I agree, take him home. Soup, gelato, etc.

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                      Jello with real whipped cream on top. :)

                    2. Fosselman's for ice cream, malts and shakes.


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                        mmmmm. I've always wanted to go there.

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                          Don't forget though, he'll probably have stitches in, and you can't drink anything out of a straw in fear of them coming out. Now that I think about it, even if there weren't any stitches, you probably want to stay away from hard to drink items like that. Don't want to affect the wound.

                          Sorry, that sounds a bit icky, but I've had some dental surgery in the past and they never ever want you to drink out of a straw. Stick to regular ice cream, and lots of it! :)

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                            Well, you can eat a shake with a spoon!

                            1. re: Diana

                              Well, when I had gum surgery my dentist told me the same thing ... no straws! But she also said to eat cold things like ice cream.

                              And, yeah, shakes and malts take well to spoons ...

                      2. if just for a treat since i think its probably not wise to try to eat anything whole right after the operation, i would vote for scoops or pinkberry or milk or anything along those lines.

                        hot soup might not feel too good, id lean more towards the numbing qualities of some frozen delicacy.

                        1. Check out Jonathan Gold's report... http://www.laweekly.com/eat+drink/cou...

                          The Griddle Cafe for decadent pancakes (just avoid ones w/ chunks of nuts or crunchy mix-ins that can't be mashed by the tongue), or Du-Pars for buttermilk pancakes
                          Pann's for some scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes and pie :
                          )MILK for all things ice cream
                          At that point, it'll be too soon for mac'n'cheese, but if it weren't, I'd say head to Violet... Or, for me I prefer the mac'n'cheese and brownies from Koo Koo Roo... I know, I know
                          Apple Pan for some banana cream pie
                          Jar, for mashed potatoes and an ice cream sundae
                          Or, go for Indian and order dal and mushy dishes based upon lentils

                          1. Well, gosh, now his dental surgeon has gone and cancelled for a family emergency.

                            Thanks for all the suggestions! I now hunger myself for soup, milkshakes, porridge and more!

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                            1. I can't imagine him wanting to go out to eat for at least a couple of days. Suggested weekend menu: percocet, warm salt water gargles, easy chair.

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                                Well, see my post two above, but we're off hte hook for now. Surgery postponed!

                              2. Home for vicodin and consomme (room temp).
                                He likley won't be hungry and liquids are pretty much par for the course.
                                My advice is to put him on the couch, give him some pain killers, tlc and the remote!

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                                  I just had mine out three weeks ago and my treat was Brents for Chicken Soup.
                                  My first real meal was Sushi (more accurate, Sashimi).

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                                    Well, see my post three above, but we're off hte hook for now. Surgery postponed!