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Jun 5, 2007 09:35 AM

Marinade for London Broil

I just bought some pre-sliced London Broil (kosher and therefore pre-salted). I have never cooked it before, but understand that it can be tough and therefore should not be overcooked. A simple marinade for the barbecue would be terrific.

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  1. Pre-sliced? - I am assuming you mean they are more like steaks - this also works for a whole london boil roast as well -

    I keep kosher as well so I am familiar with the salted meat rinsing the meat should make sure that a good amount of the salt is off then use a simple mixture of lsoy saice (can use low sodium) and brown sugar is wonderful -

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      I like to use dry red wine, balsamic vinegar, about a quarter cup each, and finely minced garlic plus a T. each of honey and soy sauce. You can marinate the meat for up to a day.

      Remember to slice the steak very thinly against the grain before serving. This method will also work for flank steak.

      1. re: diva360

        I tried balsamic/red wine/garlic soy marinade. We found it to be too acidic. I think I will really cut down the vinegar next time.

        1. re: sherry f

          I forgot to put the oil in my post! Sorry about that--you definitely need about a half a cup of oil to cut the acid, whisked to make an emulsion. I hope you used some in your marinade!

      2. re: weinstein5

        Soy & brown sugar is a good start, add some chopped fresh ginger & garlic, too.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Soy + brown sugar + ginger + garlic has a name: teriyaki.

      3. Here is a recipe that I fully intend to try! Really sounds good! Got it from a TV news program:

        London Broil Marinade

        1 cup olive oil
        ¾ cup soy sauce
        ¼ cup Worcestershire Sauce
        2 tablespoons dry mustard
        2 teaspoons salt
        1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
        1 tablespoon course pepper
        ½ cup red wine vinegar
        1½ teaspoons dried parsley flakes
        2 crushed garlic cloves

        Combine all ingredients. Marinate overnight, then cook on the grill. Also works with chicken.

        1. red wine, shoyu (soy sauce), minced garlic, minced ginger. maybe add some black pepper just before broiling.