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Jun 5, 2007 09:26 AM

Best Pizza in Lower Westchester???

I moved to Bronxville from Brooklyn a few years ago, and have still not found pizza as good as Brooklyn pizza. (I am not talking about brick-oven pizza... Totonno's covers that...just regular old take-out pizza) Any suggestions??

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  1. Caveat: I've never had Brooklyn pizza.

    Been around Westchester a bit, though, and I'd have to say Francesco's, for takeout. Not a fan of their 'tude, but their pizza is one of the best. I'd say Silvio's is a nice runner-up, and one can eat it there happily.

    Didn't like the looks of Tino's, Johnny's is too crowded, Modern is meh, Via Appia's is blech, and it's been a long time since I've been to Michael's.

    Oh, and I think TJ's in Portchester is highly rated, have not had it.

    1. I lived in Carroll Gardens for a few years, so I know what you mean. Sal's in Mamaroneck is right up there as one of the best pies around

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        I grew up in Mamaroneck/Rye. But I have been in living in Boston for the past 38 years and I still miss Sal's. On way the back from NYC last year I took my kids to Sal's and believe or not the place had not changed . The pizza is still the best and Sal himself was behind the counter.

        1. re: D.Bernstein

          I forgot to mention the Scilian pie. must try . when you go.

          1. re: D.Bernstein

            When were you last there? The Sicilian slice, the end piece, has been a favorite of mine for decades. I was there recently, after he had started his 'expansion' (always something that brings terror to my soul) and his Sicilian slice, the end piece, was half the size (in thickness, that is) that it had been for my entire life.

            I haven't been back.

            1. re: dolores

              Too bad to hear this news. Expansion is not good in my book.

        2. re: tada

          In a few weeks, we will be moving from Manhattan to Scarsdale. I've been making a list of restaurants in the area, particularly ones that are either child-friendly or take out, since we have a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old.

          Could you tell me where Sal's is, since I'm not that familiar with the area? Although we are in Scarsdale, we are closer to Mamaroneck than we are to the "downtown area" of Scarsdale.


          1. re: valerie

            Sal's is very kid friendly. The place is so busy that there's a constant noise, so no worries about your kids causing a ruckus. They are a counter in the front half where you walk up to order, with a couple 2 seater booths and then in the back are the tables and booths where you can sit a decent size party.

            Sal's is right in the heart of downtown Mamaroneck at 316 Mamaroneck Ave. If you were coming up Mamaroneck Ave, you'd go under the train tracks, drive through 2 crosswalks, and Sal's will be on your right hand side right before the third cross walk. Sal's is next door to Cafe Mozart.

            1. re: tada

              Great, thanks! I just looked up the directions from our new house to Sal's and it's only 2 1/2 miles from us. We will definitely try it out.

            2. re: valerie

              A gem of a restaurant is the Franklin Park Taveren ( Gus's ) on Halsted ave in Harrisson. It is small but very family oreinted. Do not go on a weekend very busy.
              A third generation establishment.

          2. I get takeout from Johnny's once in a while. Its not a counter type of place but the pizza is nicely charred and thin and as good as most piza in the ny area.