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Jun 5, 2007 09:17 AM

East Village/LES--funky + exotic...

for dinner tonight, someplace where we can talk. Any ideas?

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  1. Kuma Inn on Ludlow bet. Rivington and Delancey may fit the funky bill. It's a tiny Thai-Filipino tapas place located on the 2/F of the building right beside Suba. Food may actually fit the exotic part.

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      1. Cafe Orlin on St. Mark's is nice and the food is good-plus funky

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        1. I'm reading this thread too late to help, but I wouldn't have really known what to suggest, anyway. Where did you end up, and how was it?

          1. Can you give a general idea of what you consider to be funky? Either way there's a lot of very good food of exotic and other nature around St. Marks Place.

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              I'm not sure I know what "exotic" means, either. In a neighborhood with loads of Japanese places, is Japanese "exotic"? What about Sichuan style?

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                So this is what fit the bill: Meskel, Ethiopian on 3rd and B