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Jun 5, 2007 09:16 AM

Foodie movie

When is that Catherine Zeta Jones movie coming out? Has anyone heard anything about it - good or not?

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  1. Opens Fri. 7/27. I have not heard much buzz. Wonder who did her cooking stunts

    1. Movie is a remake, actually, based on a German film called Mostly Martha from three or four years back. Good looking food in that movie. I'm actually a film critic by trade, so will probably see "No Reservations" before it opens. I'll report back w/a review.

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        The foodie movie that has me agog with anticipation is "Ratatouille," a Pixar animated piece about a cooking rat.

        1. re: rcallner

          I hope that means a "rat who is a cook" rather than "rat that is bred/raised to be cooked!"

          1. re: rcallner

            I too cannot wait for Ratatouille (and I'm hardly alone, as evidenced by the Ratatouille thread). It was supposed to be Pixar's first non-Disney movie, but they got bought, the movie got bumped, and all the years of waiting are about to come to fruition. Friends who have seen special screenings thought it was great for adults and kids, but then again it's Pixar so you knew that. Thomas Keller's involvement in the movie gives it instant foodie cred, and while I've only seen the trailers, it looks like it's going to be hilarious.

          2. re: natelyz

            I thought the trailers made it look similar to Mosthly Martha. I loved that movie!

            1. re: diablita FL

              As noted above, "No Reservations" is in fact an English-language remake of "Mostly Martha". It will be released in the US on July 27, 2007.

              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Trailers look like a slavish homage to Mostly Martha, but that could be worse, no? Bereaved little girl played in this American version by the young actress from "Little Miss Sunshine."

                1. re: rcallner

                  The movie was just okay, for me. Cute. Mostly, it made me hungry for pasta.

          3. I will go to any food movie, so saw this recently. Mostly Martha remake (why??), not bad, but a bit Hollywood/less edgy, and a bit too long. Kitchen scenes were very good. But major error!! Scene making pizza dough with EGG, not sure how that got past.