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Jun 5, 2007 08:32 AM

Brahmi's Kosher Vegetarian in Van Nuys/Reseda?

Sounds interesting. Vegetarian Kosher, Mediterranian, Pizaa, Calzones and more. Anyone been? I have a cupon and was thinking of trying it out.

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  1. I've been there a few times, since I'm a vegetarian and it's right around the corner from my house. The pizzas and calzones are actually quite good - they use a lot meat substitutes like fake pepperoni and fake chicken made from wheatmeat. The lasagna was also good. They also have a unique non-vegetarian pizza that's popular in the UK and in Israel - tuna and corn.

    It's run by orthodox jews, so they close at 3 PM Friday and and are closed all day Saturday until 7 or 8 PM.

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      do they have traditional veggie isreali dishes, like hummous and such?

      1. re: Diana

        also, what is the address? google found nothing. thanks!

        1. re: felicia d.

          17736 1/2 Sherman Way
          Reseda, CA 91335-3317
          phone: (818) 342-0611

        2. re: Diana

          Yes, they have some falafel, hummus and other traditional Israeli foods, also desserts. It's actually a pretty eclectic, but small menu. They even have burritos.