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Jun 5, 2007 08:17 AM

Looking for Pocketless Pitas

Just got the new issue of Cook's Illustrated and I'm dying to make the lamb gyro sandwiches featured in it. The recipe recommends, and I prefer the pocketless pitas, but I want to know where I can get the best. The anemic looking ones at Whole Foods are not cutting it for me.

I would like to stay in DC and I heard of a middle eastern store on New Mexico in the medical building with the they carry them? Anywhere else I can pick them up? Rockville is also an option since it's near the office...

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  1. I get them at the Lebanese Taverna market off Lee Highway in Arlington.

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    1. re: jpschust

      Wegmans sells the same brand that Lebanese Taverna Market sells....for less. I eat them all the time. But I guess that doesn't help caphill in DC.

    2. Trader Joe's has them. And I don't remember them being anemic...just make sure you check the sell by date. I love TJs but have bought some dry breads there that were too close to the sell date.

      1. I am pretty sure Asadur's has them. This is located in the shopping center at the intersection of Randolph and Nebel Street.

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          Where exactly? In that strip mall that has a Staples? That would be the southwest corner?

          1. Yetka Market on Rville Pike next to Joe's Noodle House behind the On The Border mexican place. Or Bob's in Ritchie Center in Rockville.