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Jun 5, 2007 08:10 AM

Solvang Butter / Shortbread cookies

Years ago, I would do the So Cal - No Cal drive and frequently stop off in Solvang to get those delicious butter cookies. I recently visited there after many years and now see those cookies available at almost every bakery there.

All those cookies look suspiciously similar and am wondering if they are coming from a central bakery and repackaged in those infamous plastic bucket/tubs of buttery heaven. But are all those created equal or are they actually baked fresh at each and every bakery?

Who has the best ones? Anyone out there with advice please chime in!!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Take a detour into Santa Barbara and go to Anderson's Bakery - 1100 Block State Street and make sure you get the real thing with real ingredients.

      1. re: Diana

        Our Family prefers Solvang Bakery, which is located on Alisal. They also have the best onion jalapeno cheese bread!

        1. re: JalamaMama

          Which isn't close to a butter cookie.

          1. re: JalamaMama

            jm! nice to hear from you! your recs are worthy indeed--I'll have to try the bread for a bread pudding....while munching butter cookies.

        2. No, they don't come from a central bakery - thankfully, they are still made by hand, by real bakers!
          I like Mortensen's and Olsen's best of all.