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Jun 5, 2007 08:09 AM

HH: Tasty beer and Cheese Fries?

Hi Hounds!

A bunch of us are looking to indulge in beer and cheese fries this evening and while that would seem to be a pretty easy menu, I'm not sure where to go. Here are the stipulations for the location:

1) Walking distance from Logan Circle
2) Great beer (on tap preferably)
3) Great cheese fries

That's it. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. How about Stoney's? I've never had their cheese fries but if any place in DC is sure to have good cheese fries I'm sure it's Stoney's!

    Also I know that Brickskeller has pretty good cheese fries and they of course have any beer you could possibly want. Not too far from Logan Circle.

    1. As gross as it is, and believe me it's gross, Big Hunt meets this criteria.

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      1. re: jpschust

        I second The Big Hunt! They do have majorly greasy bar food -- and I'd suggest their Buffalo Wings over the fries. OR there is Fox and Hounds/TRIO off P.

        1. re: jpschust

          I've always been curious about Big Hunt but have never gone in. What's gross? The food itself? Is the place dirty? I'm interested in knowing more because from the outside, it's weirdly intriguing. Thanks.

          1. re: dcandohio

            It's a dive among dives, though the beer selection is fantastic and well priced.

            1. re: jpschust

              Not to split hairs on semantics or anything but I don't know if I would call the big hunt "a dive among dives" or a dive at all, even in NW DC where there aren't really any actual dive bars...unless you want to count the Raven and/or Common Share which both have had their somewhat divey character toned down by clientele shift...but I digress. The Big Hunt has over 20 beers on tap (all of them $3.50 or more outside of various and many specials), food that you don't have to genuinely worry about eating (other than arterial clogging), a relatively safe environment, a predominantly white collar clientele, they take credit cards, and they even have their own web site. Its just a more casual, laid back (when not packed) sort of place. dcandohio, definitely drop in if you are intrigued...its not a place you really have to worry about going or anything. Its a pretty good place to drink for that crowd...just don't expect to find any hidden menu gems or anything remotely resembling upscale dining.

              1. re: Lowbar

                It's dark, dingy, I'm never sure how clean my glasses are going to be, the music is great, it's a dive to me :) It's no Dan's Cafe (the premier dive among dives in the DC area), but it's still a dive among dives to me.

                1. re: jpschust

                  The funny thing about Dan's cafe is that I have lived in the DC area all my life and never knew that Dan's Cafe was operational until about 2 years ago b/c of it's outward appearance

                  1. re: gooseterp

                    OH its certainly operational...its just a matter of whether or not your body...particularly your stomach...will be operational after a night partying there!

              2. re: dcandohio

                Ummmm I would go with all of the above! lol

                The outside deck area isn't all that bad though. It's a dive bar/pick up spot though.