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Jun 5, 2007 07:49 AM

restaurant suggestions??

In 3 weeks, I am heading to South Beach for a "Bachelor Week" of debauchery and mayhem. I am the best man, so I would like to have at least one tame evening reserved for a really nice dinner in a very fine establishment. Looking for high end atmosphere and food. Any suggestions? I have 11 guys in my pack, by the way.

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  1. PhilAMignon (great name there dude!)

    Prime 112. NO question. Book the table immediately.


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      Is this better than Smith and Wolensky?

    2. Bro.....there's only one correct answer for that question for a Bachelor weekend, no matter WHAT advisor girl says.


      Exceptional buffalo chicken sandwiches and excellent service!

      1. Phil - go to, bottom of page click on Tasty Travel, then Miami - you will find many suggestions for Cocktails, Dinner, Nightlife. You will have a good meal just about anywhere on Collins Ave - main drag thru South Beach - most offer out door seating which is fun. There are several roof top bars which offer great views of Ocean - Lincoln street - (few streets off of beach) offers trendy spots as well. - have fun. You may want to make a selection and then let them know you have a large party - most eateries are small.

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          1. re: apples58

            The Food Network suggestions are pretty hit or miss. At least two of the places they've listed - Cafeteria, Norman's - have closed. While I still like the Nuevo Latino food at Yuca, I don't think there's anyone who would describe this place as "hip and trendy" anymore. I'm dubious that the Delano is still "a daily hotbed of musicians and atheletes", and it's a bit silly to call the Shore Club, which itself has been open several years now, the "new Delano". I couldn't possibly agree that you'll have a good meal anywhere on Collins Ave. - there are certainly some good places (Nemo on the south end, Wish around the middle, Mark's in the Nash further north) but there are plenty of mediocre ones too. Actually Collins Ave. tends to have more shopping rather than restaurants, while the restaurants are mostly concentrated on Ocean (most not very good), Washington, and Lincoln Road.

            Would tend to agree with the rec above that Prime 112 is the top place for a bachelor party.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              "I couldn't possibly agree that you'll have a good meal anywhere on Collins Ave".I agree with Frodnesor entirely on this and everything else... I would say go to Prime for very expensive steak and good atmosphere, then hit the hotels like The Delano, Shoreclub and Sagamore for trendy and expensive looking girls and will have fun... Oh God I hope my fiance doesn't read this :-)...Have fun!!!