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Jun 5, 2007 07:47 AM

"Ethnic" Restaurants that Cater in Northern NJ or Lower Westchester

I'm looking to feed 50-60 people with tasy food. I am concerned that "caterer" means expensive and often means mediocre or boring food (especially for cheaper caterers). So I was looking for any suggestions for restaurants, particularly in Northern NJ or Lower Westchester (the party will be in Englewood, NJ), that are reasonable priced and offer pick up catering (ie just a platter of food to go). Types of food I am thinking about are pan-latino (peruvian or columbian especially), italian, or middle-eastern; southern food might work too. Probably not interested in Indian or Chinese or African food. My hope is to spend around $30/person (I can spend more if they provide delivery, plates, servers, alchol, etc, but the time of place I am thinking of likely won't).

NYC recs appreciated too, but post them here:

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  1. Bumping up my own thread in the hopes that someone will have an idea. I'm still looking.

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      Consider all the places you have bought take out food and enjoyed it and ask them if they will deliver platters of your favorite dishes to your party site. I've used Foster Village Deli in Bergenfield for very good smoked salmon and whitefish platters, Jerry's for fresh mozzarella and pesto sanwiches, Patisserie St, Michel in Teaneck for great savory quiches, pasteries, breads, and made-to-order cakes. Also consider Mandoo in Englewood for Korean dumplings and terrific spicy dipping sauces—you can reheat them in the microwave or pan fry them right before serving. If there is something you like at It's Greek to Me (such as the stuffed grape leaves) ask them to make up a platter for you. Surprisingly, Shop-Rite in Englewood is capable of making a very good fresh fruit platter.