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Jun 5, 2007 07:37 AM

Short rib help?

I'd like to surprise the hubby with short ribs for his birthday dinner Saturday night. I know it's a bit out of season, but he loves them in restaurants and I cook so much, a steak or a basic seafood just doesn't seem special.
There are so many recipes on Epicurious and in my cookbook collection, and I just can't decide. So, do any of you have favorites? I'm willing to consider classic preparations (in wine and stock, etc.) as well as variations (ethnic flavors, etc.). After all, a more ethnic variation might make it a bit more summery than something with carrots, taters, etc. I just would love some personal recommendations.

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  1. I made this one last night and is a fave at my house. It was from Dave Lieberman show.
    Beer Braised Shorrt ribs in hoisin sauce. My wife and I love the subtle flavors of the ginger and the hoisin sauce. YUM!

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      I agree with egbluesuede...I use a pressure cooker recipe for Short Ribs with Asian Flavors and that's our current favorite ethnic twist for short ribs but the above recipe looks awesome, too! I have a package of the ribs in my freezer so that will be my next recipe to use for them!

    2. I love this recipe...definitely use crushed pineapple, rather than chunks. It just blends in better.

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        Can you tell me what brand chili sauce you use? Is it the Chinese-style spicy sauce, or is it the Heinz chili sauce?

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          Plain old Heinz. This recipe is very easy. If you do make this recipe, I would recommend making it today if you can, refrigerating overnight and reheating tomorrow because it just makes it all that much better. (or maybe you can't since it's a surprise!). Either way it's great. Oh, and I love onions, so I add a lot of onions.

          Did I mention that I love this recipe?

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            Thanks Valerie! I ended up making this recipe with just two small tweaks. I made Asian-style appetizers and side dishes, so I dusted the short ribs with Chinese Five-Spice and threw in some Shanghai peppercorns. It came out amazingly. It's such an amusing recipe. As you're dumping this odd variety of ingredients in, it suddenly hits you that this could be a disaster - but then it all melds together and is just lovely. Thanks so much!

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              Glad you liked it! It had been on my mind and I actually made it yesterday and we'll be having it for dinner tomorrow. Mmmm....

      2. For our Christmas holiday meal, I made Guinness braised short ribs which were delicious - I can dig up the recipe for you if you'd like. A more 'summery' thought would be to stay with the beer theme, but maybe use a wheat beer or belgian white? Something a bit yeasty & fruity - essentially treating the beer as you would the wine... For added flavor, you could play up whatever spices the beer itself uses - like ginger, coriander or citrus - to get a bit of an asian flair.

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          Agree on the beer theme. Last time I used Blue Moon Ale. I think it's Canadian, but it's touted as a "Belgian Style Ale". Has a bit of a fruity taste.

          1. re: egbluesuede

            FYI: Blue Moon is a Coors product.

        2. Any appropriate good sauce goes well with a brown and then braise.

          1. Thanks for your help, folks. All of them sound great, but I think the hoisin and the pineapple ones are just the way to make them a bit more summery. But how in the world am I going to decide?