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Jun 5, 2007 07:32 AM

Mexican Coke (made w/ cane sugar, not HFCS) - Where to buy?

I've heard that some Mexican markets in the U.S. carry Coca-cola that was made in Mexico (where it is made with cane sugar, not HFCS like in U.S.). I'd like to buy some. Does anyone know where in the Central Coast area this can be found? I live in SLO, but travel to Santa Maria and Salinas quite often so any of these areas would be fine. Thanks, Matt.

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  1. Hit just about any Mexican grocery store and they'll probably have a stack of Mexican Coke. I've had great luck in Mom 'n' Pop ("Mami y Papi"?)-type stores.

    You're in SLO? I thought 'Harken Banks' came to California from the midwest!

    1. A few Costco's are carrying Mexican coke. Also be aware that not all Mexican coke is made with cane sugar, an increasing amount is being made with HFCS

      1. A good source for Mexican Coca-Cola (and all other hard-to-find soft drinks IMO), is Galco's Soda Pop Stop near Eagle Rock in Los Angeles. They ship -- check out their website.

        1. My husband just brought some home from Costco - made with cane sugar. Also in San Diego I hear they stock it at Restaurant Depot in the Miramar area.

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            Are those the red-capped bottles? Which Costco, please...


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              Al of the Costco loctions in San Diego- Saw it in Santee, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Morena.

              During Passover, Ralphs in SD and LA carries Kosher Coke, 2 liter bottles, with yellow cap. Kosher foods have to be made without grain, therefore no high fructse CORN syrup in anything Kosher...

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                Yes, I think he got them at the Mission Valley store, but I'm not absolutely sure - sounds like they have it all over.

            2. there is also a company based out of new jersey, boylan's. all of their sodas are made with cane sugar. they distribute nationwide.

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                Boylan's soda rocks. Another good cola made w/ cane sugar is Cricket Cola. It has green tea in it and tastes great, and then you're not enriching an evil corporate giant like Coca Cola.


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                  Agree w/elan Boylans is great!!! They have it at Trader Joe's!