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Jun 5, 2007 07:25 AM

something nice for dinner... need not be easy

i am not looking for a simple 123 dinner nesasaraly... (however that is spelled) but i want some sort of lime chicken breast dinner... i will list things i have, i probably have others, just cant think of them

chicken breasts
canned tomato sauce and crushed tomatos
marinara sauce
french fries
corn on the cob
frozen cauliflower and broccoli
baking soda and powder
a closet full of spices

i want to make a special dinner for me and my hubby tonight... i like to make a main and at least 2 sides...
thanx for any and all sugestions

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  1. Marinate your chicken in lime juice for about an hour before you cook it.

    Take your corn (cooked and off of the cobb), avacado, tomato and onion, mix with a can of black beans, some cilantro, some mint (fresh), a little hot pepper or chili flakes, olive oil and a squeeze of lime and you have a corn/bean salad.

    Cook up a simple jasmine rice and viola! A healthy and tasty dinner for two.

    1. Will you be able to go to the store to get more groceries? If so, I like to make lime-marinated chicken with grilled peppers. You can serve them on tortillas kind of like fajitas.

      In the marinade, I use canola oil, fresh lime juice, minced garlic, minced jalapeno, good chili powder, cumin, cayenne, s and p. Pour half the marinade over chicken breast chunks, and half over chunks of red and yellow bell peppers and red onions. (You could marinate everything together; I just like to keep the meat and veggies separate because the veggies take longer to cook). Either grill on skewers or pan saute.

      Serve with a cold black bean sald with chopped jalapenos, cilantro, tomatoes, scallions and garlic. Dress with a mixture similar to the marinade, and top individual servings with shredded sharp cheddar, if desired. You could add some cooked rice to this salad too.

      Make a compound butter with reconstituted ancho chili pieces and lime juice. This is yummy on corn on the cub, but you can use leftovers on bread or other vegetables, I'm thinking zucchini and summer squash would work, and you could try it drizzled over flank steak pieces. You could also freeze the butter. All you need to do is soften a stick of butter and process it with the chili pieces, adding lime juice to taste, and some s and p.

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        i have no car to go out with... hubby is not home yet and when he is its dinner time but another time i will try with peppers

      2. they both sound so good... most probably end up doing someing in the middle... lolz... thanx