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Best BBQ Joint On or Near Blue Hill Avenue?

hiddenboston Jun 5, 2007 07:15 AM

Is the Pit Stop BBQ pretty much the best place to go in the neighborhoods surrounding Blue Hill Avenue? I still have yet to try any of the BBQ places in that area.

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  1. c
    chuck s RE: hiddenboston Jun 5, 2007 07:17 AM

    I like Pit Stop on Morton Street for their chopped pork sandwich. Very tasty, nice sauce. I believe that they are open only Thursday-Saturday. One table for sitting in cramped quarters so take out and eat outside.

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    1. re: chuck s
      Joanie RE: chuck s Jun 6, 2007 06:10 AM

      That's close to a donut place isn't it? I need to try both the bbq and donuts.

    2. b
      bachslunch RE: hiddenboston Jun 6, 2007 06:30 PM

      Pit Stop is a good choice for the area, but do take-out or eat in your car, as the place is tiny and not inviting for dining in. I've seen positive reports about M & M Ribs, out of a truck in a lot at 200 Geneva Avenue in Dorchester, but have never been; they apparently have a phone number, which is (617) 306-0788.

      1. m
        manofgor RE: hiddenboston Jun 20, 2007 01:35 PM

        I grew up in NC and lived in Birmingham for four yrs. so I have a pretty good sense of these things. (Also, lived in St. Louis for four yrs. and made multiple pilgrimmages to Memphis -- one trip involved lunch at Rendezvous, dinner at Interstate, and lunch the next day at Corky's. Hit Cozy Corner on a return trip for a jazz concert.) Pit Stop has the best ribs I have had since leaving Ala. in 1999. They are smokier and redder near the bone than other offerings in BOS. M&M does a good job with theirs as well ("Lots of flavor in Big Mo's right arm," you know.) -- and they have great banana pudding! ... Speaking of M&M, word around my neighborhood (Savin Hill in Dot) is that the truck has moved again. Anybody know if that is true? If so, where to?

        1. MichaelB RE: hiddenboston Jun 20, 2007 02:15 PM

          Poppa B's is on Blue Hill Ave and they do claim to do real barbecue (smoked, not oven-baked, as some soul food places do). I've only been once, for lunch, and I recall a nice smoked chicken, but it's hard to judge a place from the chicken (would have done a more serious pork-based testing, but was just in the mood for chicken). They've done a really nice job with the space - it's an oasis on a slightly desolate stretch of Blue Hill Ave. Food took a while to come - I think the kitchen was slow that day - but service was quite sweet.

          Never been to M&M's yet; I like Pit Stop a lot although I find the quality variable on the ribs - sometimes fantastic, sometimes just good. I had high hopes for their brisket, which they only do on saturdays (I think) but it was not good at all - chewy and a bit tough.

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