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Jun 5, 2007 07:15 AM

Best BBQ Joint On or Near Blue Hill Avenue?

Is the Pit Stop BBQ pretty much the best place to go in the neighborhoods surrounding Blue Hill Avenue? I still have yet to try any of the BBQ places in that area.

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  1. I like Pit Stop on Morton Street for their chopped pork sandwich. Very tasty, nice sauce. I believe that they are open only Thursday-Saturday. One table for sitting in cramped quarters so take out and eat outside.

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      That's close to a donut place isn't it? I need to try both the bbq and donuts.

    2. Pit Stop is a good choice for the area, but do take-out or eat in your car, as the place is tiny and not inviting for dining in. I've seen positive reports about M & M Ribs, out of a truck in a lot at 200 Geneva Avenue in Dorchester, but have never been; they apparently have a phone number, which is (617) 306-0788.

      1. I grew up in NC and lived in Birmingham for four yrs. so I have a pretty good sense of these things. (Also, lived in St. Louis for four yrs. and made multiple pilgrimmages to Memphis -- one trip involved lunch at Rendezvous, dinner at Interstate, and lunch the next day at Corky's. Hit Cozy Corner on a return trip for a jazz concert.) Pit Stop has the best ribs I have had since leaving Ala. in 1999. They are smokier and redder near the bone than other offerings in BOS. M&M does a good job with theirs as well ("Lots of flavor in Big Mo's right arm," you know.) -- and they have great banana pudding! ... Speaking of M&M, word around my neighborhood (Savin Hill in Dot) is that the truck has moved again. Anybody know if that is true? If so, where to?

        1. Poppa B's is on Blue Hill Ave and they do claim to do real barbecue (smoked, not oven-baked, as some soul food places do). I've only been once, for lunch, and I recall a nice smoked chicken, but it's hard to judge a place from the chicken (would have done a more serious pork-based testing, but was just in the mood for chicken). They've done a really nice job with the space - it's an oasis on a slightly desolate stretch of Blue Hill Ave. Food took a while to come - I think the kitchen was slow that day - but service was quite sweet.

          Never been to M&M's yet; I like Pit Stop a lot although I find the quality variable on the ribs - sometimes fantastic, sometimes just good. I had high hopes for their brisket, which they only do on saturdays (I think) but it was not good at all - chewy and a bit tough.