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Jun 5, 2007 07:00 AM

Blue Hill or Lure?

My wife and i are traveling to New York this weekend for a quick anniversary weekend. We have reservations at both restaurants, and after poring over the internet, i figured i would come to chowhound for one last opinion. Just want some opinions on which restaurant would be better for us based on some simple criteria -

- Wine not a big draw for either of us - we are not wine experts but enjoy an occasional glass with dinner

- We both really enjoy fish and vegetables

- Just really want to have a nice meal with solid service and a good atmosphere (i know that's open-ended, but appreciate any thoughts).

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions.

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  1. Never been to Lure but the portion size at Blue Hill is quite small. Not sure if that is a critical factor for you but after spending over $200 for my wife and I we went home and made grilled cheeses

    1. While Blue Hill may be more expensive, I think the food is FAR superior to Lure. I won't even consider Blue Hill and Lure on the same league. Even though Blue Hilll is not specifically seafood focused, their use of seasonal ingredients (particularly seasonal vegetables) is impeccable. I am not a big veggie fan but I fully enjoyed my meals there. It is also causal and not stiffy and service was excellent and friendly everytime I was there.

      Lure's food is ok but I won't go all the way to have their food, fish or not.

      1. I think you should go to Blue Hill and have the full tasting with wine. I once asked a very knowledgable foodie friend to rec a restaurant for a special occasion and this is the one I went with and was really happy with the experience, food, and service. Blue Hill compares favorably with restaurants that are much more expensive--overall, I thought it was a great value for money in terms of the tasting menu, i.e. very high end but not super pricey (tasting menu with like seven courses is under a hundred dollars). Of all the restuarants I've been to in New York, this is a real favorite. Lure, IMO, while in the same price range, is not in the same league.

        1. The food at Blue Hill is really good, and it's really a neighborhood restaurant- lots of locals. Have the cheese for dessert- it comes with lots of yummy condiments, and the staff is really knowledgable about both food and wine.

          1. I've never been to Blue Hill, but--- I've been to Lure for lunch a few times. Given the choice I would definately choose Blue Hill over Lure. Lure is ok, but when I go somewhere I want to come back feeling "wow, that was a great meal, and that such and such dish was over the top...." Nothing I've eaten at Lure stood out like that. If you do choose to still go there, Lure has great sushi, the seafood tower, not sure what they call it there, but it was good. I also like their parker house style rolls, the butter is whipped and unsalted. They offer decent food, but nothing to go out of your way for.