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Jun 5, 2007 06:50 AM

los angeles or sm restaurants with comunal table

recently divorced, but still love to eat out. can anyone suggest great places to eat with communal tables or eat-at bars where a gal won't look like she's on the make. (love to eat at the bar a mozza--but i need some variety)

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  1. there is the pain quotidien with large communal tables. there are several locations.
    it is a bakery with lunches as well
    Los Angeles, Westwood
    1055 Broxton Avenue
    CA 90024-2803
    Tel.: 310 824 7900

    Los Angeles, Brentwood
    11702 Barrington Avenue
    CA 90049-2903
    Tel.: 310 476 0969

    Los Angeles, West Hollywood
    8607 Melrose Avenue
    CA 90069-5010
    Tel.: 310 854 3700

    Los Angeles, Beverly Hills
    9630 S Santa Monica Boulevard
    CA 90210-4402
    Tel.: 310 859 1100

    Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach
    451 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
    CA 90266
    Tel.: 310 546 6411

    Los Angeles, Robertson
    320 S Robertson Blvd
    CA 90048
    Tel.: 310 858 7270

    Los Angeles, Santa Monica
    316 Santa Monica Boulevard
    CA 90401-2206
    Tel.: 310 393 6800

    Los Angeles, Studio City
    13045 Ventura Boulevard
    CA 91604
    Tel.: 818 986 1929

    1. 26 Beach in Venice
      The Pantry in Downtown
      Nic's Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills, I think, call
      Phillippes in Downtown
      Nick's Cafe near Chinatown, Breakfast & Lunch only

      1. The Nook on Santa Monica Blvd in WLA has a communal table. Musha in Santa Monica has an eat-at bar.

        1. Here's a good place to start:

          I've also enjoyed eating alone at Joe's and Beachwood in Venice.

          1. Every Thursday, Evan Klineman does a big, off the menu "Family Style" communal meal at Angeli Caffe. It's always good. You have to reserve ahead for a spot, though.
            It's on Melrose.