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Jun 5, 2007 06:44 AM

birthday dinner for my b-friend in Brooklyn?

tried garden cafe, but they are on vacation. was thinking of blue ribbon, but have been there a lot. He is more of a chow hound than I am, so I would appriciate help in this one. Have heard about Cheryl's but don't know 'special' factor.

can you help me?

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  1. in brooklyn heights/ dumbo there is the river cafe which is amazing. the view is great.

    it is right under the brooklyn bridge

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    1. re: adrouault

      Not quite as quiet as the Garden Café, but romantic in it's own right: Convivium Osteria.

      1. re: bobjbkln

        wow. we hated Convivium. but i'll look into river cafe.

        1. re: ceasar11

          So i came down to Saul and Grocery after going through some old postings, turned to my man, and when I said Grocery his face lit up like a x-mas tree. So now, I just need the reservation.
          Thanks for your help

          1. re: ceasar11

            :) Try the tasting menu... I think it's worthwhile. Haven't been there in a long while, but their duck breast dish is a winner, as is (or was... I think they do seasonal menus) the arctic char (when arctic char was all the craze). Not a big fan of the wife as she gives off the thick fake charm vibe, but the chef is pretty down to earth and cool to talk to.

            The wine list was nice, if a little lacking, and they a good selection of beers.

            1. re: bluishgnome

              Speaking of tasting menus, how about the one at Palo Santo in Park Slope? I actually went there for the first time on my birthday and was floored by the meal.