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Jun 5, 2007 06:36 AM

Any recent O'Thym feedback?

The owner of the apartment I've rented has suggested I check out O'Thym on my arrival evening. Has anyone been recently?

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  1. Well, as a favour kittichow, I went there at lunch today ; ). When I read this post I told myself that I would go for lunch there today only if I had a bottle of wine in my office -I didn't think I had one, but I found 2 bottles. So off I went. (thanks for giving me an excuse to go!!)
    It's still good. I had the potage du jour, a lovely, perfectly smooth and delicious mushroom soup, flavored with fresh tarragon (a combination of mushrooms I'd say). Then it was between the pork filet with cranberries and maple or the fish. I had the fish (tilapia) with walnut oil, served with small capers and thin slices of lime. This was a generous portion, perfectly cooked, fresh & juicy but nicely crisp around the edges. Side dishes were couscous cooked in a rich broth and fresh thyme, an ice cream scoop of ratatouille (v.finely diced) and thin green beans. I had the croustille (crisp) of apple & blueberry served with a couple of fresh blackberries.
    On my last trip I had a good experience as well. The dessert that day had been an amazing tarte tatin! I had that with an espresso allonge, one of the best I've had in Montreal.
    FYI, they offer Quebec cheeses, usually 4 per plate (they have a cheese menu offering 6 choices I believe). The dinner menu looked interesting, one of the appetizers was a tatin foie gras with shallots and caramelized figs.
    If you're in that area and would like a BYOB, this is a good bet.
    Reservations are recommended, even at lunch. Window tables were already reserved today for instance, even though I was there early.

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      Morebubbles, how very kind of you to make the trip just for me. ;) I know I should shoot for a reservation but plans are somewhat up in the air for Sunday brunch, up in the air meaning what if I'm out really late on Saturday. ;) I'm planning on heading here and will report back if I'm successful.

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        kc, I hope you're out really really late on Saturday!! :)
        This is what my brother does often when we agree to meet for lunch -he orders a coffee right away, then we both order lunch (the coffee having been his 'breakfast'). Enjoy, and please report back on your food experiences!

        1. re: morebubbles

          Just wanted to point out that O'Thym has a website: including several write-ups in local media, in French and English.