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Jun 5, 2007 05:16 AM

Keeping fresh egg pasta

I've seen recipes that recommend using fresh pasta within a few hours and some that say you can dry it and keep it for a month. Have you kept dried home made pasta? I wonder about the eggs. How does fresh pasta stay packaged in stores for so long without getting mushy? I tried a new recipe last night (love it) but it makes so much and I cooked it all since I was worried about leaving it. We'll have leftovers tonight and maybe fritatta tomorrow but I think we'll still have leftover pasta.

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  1. When I make fresh pasta in my kitchen, I freeze it. In fact, when you go to buy fresh pasta from the grocer's.....that's where you find it, in the freezer section. I have also tried drying it but it becomes very brittle. For me, the egg content poses no problem...even with drying!

    Not at all like the dry pasta that you buy. Think that is made from mostly just flour and water and they must have special drying methods.

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      Next time, before cooking it all, freeze some. I'm not sure already cooked pasta will freeze well, but pre-cooked fresh freezes beautifully and you throw it frozen right into the boiling water. I've never tried drying until fully dry, but I leave mine out for a few hours, then package and freeze.

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        oh, this post makes me so happy. i was wondering the exact same thing. I thought there was some sort of botulism deal or something associated with it...

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        Good idea--thanks all! I never thought to freeze it.

      3. In the Bronx, New York, we are fortunate enough to have Borgatti's Egg Noodles freshly made anytime all the time. Ravioli, egg noodles, lasagna, manicotti, cavatelli, etc. Anything you can't consume in a day or two, we just go ahead and freeze. The products freeze fairly well -- I usually use mine within 2 to 3 weeks so I don't sacrifice any taste or texture.

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          Yep, I freeze my pre-cooked fresh pasta. I find that it lasts about 6 weeks.

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            JoLi, pre-cooked? Is the pasta that forgiving when you reheat it? I know stuffed pastas are okay reheated, but *any* egg noodles (papardelle, fettuccine, tagliatelle, etc.) should be eaten fresh asap or frozen UN-cooked.

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              Apologies for the confusion, I meant before being cooked pasta, hence uncooked.

        2. Is it stuffed or plain? For stuffed pasta I freeze on cookie sheets until hard and then stash in plastic bags, Cook unthawed--throw directly into the boiling water.

          If it's plain--like fettucine or linguine--I dry it on a rack and put in a plastic bag when completely dry. I have kept it without any problems in a cupboard, although I do eat it faster than store bought dried--just because it's so good.

          Granted, staying dry is key and if you live someplace very humid, it may not last as long.

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            When it's dried, do you keep it in a towel or plastic bag? I don't use a rack but am very liberal w/ corn meal and do semi-nests. It would be easy to store that way, but I wasn't sure how well it would work. I think I'll give both a try. Thanks all!

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              Hi everyone! I realize this topic is two years old, but I would like to make a pasta dinner to send to my dad and brother overseas for their birthday, so I'd like to know if anyone knows how long a fried egg pasta will keep in an air tight container? Any ideas? I'll probably make a shorter pasta, as I know it becomes brittle... And I insane to attempt this? I was going to send it with a package of seasonings and their presents...