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Jun 5, 2007 05:07 AM

Marie Laveau -- Charleston, SC

I just heard that Marie Laveau's in West Ashley has closed. Rumor has it being replaced with a noodle shop.

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  1. That is what City Paper said. It will still be the same owners just a different theme. Upscale Americanized sushi I think is what their thing will be. I can't really say that I will miss Marie Laveau's though. The duck club was pretty good after they started using different bread. Everything else I had there was just ok. The jambalaya (that I only tried once to be fair) was awful. Oh well, there will still be Al di La.

    1. I was there for Marie Laveau's last day, the restaurant was a favorite of ours for brunch. We were told they plan to reopen sometime in July. It will be a noodle place with a sake bar, and they plan on hosting sake tastings and the like. They will also have late night hours.

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      1. re: lizzy

        Seems like a dumb move to me. Noodle shops and "americanized sushi" are EVERYWEHRE, and seem kinda suburban to me. That neighborhood has a funky edge that seems to fit the Marie Laveau model better. BTW, thanks again Lizzie for steering me there last December, my friends liked it.

        1. re: danna

          While I liked their breakfasts and their ambiance, I found Marie Laveau's to be overpriced. I was not surprised to hear they had closed their doors. I would love to know why it shut and if there was a connection to their pricing.

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            I agree, noodle shops are everywhere these days. I think they wanted something that would be an easier fit with late night hours so they could sell more alcohol. I'm sure we all know the profits are in the booze. There is something about that area that does not do well for restaurants that want to serve breakfast/lunch. Al di La served lunch for awhile, but I don't think it lasted long. Danna, you are know I will help out any time I can. :-)

        2. I recall reading that they were reopening under the sake bar theme to kickstart some bar busine$$. I was also there on their last day and think it will be missed. Where else in town can you get fresh beignets?

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          1. re: charlestonebayer

            Great beignets can be had at Joseph's on Meeting Street.

            1. re: charlestonebayer

              As competitive as the restaurant business is in Charleston you almost have to sell lots of booze just to keep $$$ coming in. The profit margin is so much better than food and, by comparison to food, almost infinite shelf-life. Does Charleston need another bar? Is fancy sake a niche that needs to be filled (ask Tony at Red Orchids)? Hopefully it will be like most of the other hipster bars in town; good food even if it is too crowded to eat.