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Jun 5, 2007 04:16 AM

Ideas for baby shower/open house

We are expecting our first baby in October, and my sisters are throwing us a baby shower/party/open house in July to celebrate. My husband I like to cook, so want to contribute to the food to show our gratitude to our guests for their love and support. Can you help us with some ideas?

I had considered some phillo cheese triangles, but have never worked w/ phillo before so wonder if it is too ambitious?

I'm looking for finger food/appetizers that can sit out for several hours, as the party will be a rolling open house. We do not need cutesy baby food, as we are not doing the games etc!

I'd love your thoughts on great, reliable recipes, especially anything that can be made ahead.

Many thanks!!


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  1. You could do mini cupcakes - magnolia bakery style.
    Also am always a fan of cruditees, homemade chips and dips (such as fresh guacamole and tzatziki) and I never go wrong with a nice cheese plate and fresh bread / crackers.
    Spicy chicken wings can be made ahead and doesn't get soggy...
    Nothing fancy but things that are easy and work.

    1. phyllo is forgiving and i think people shouldn't be afraid of it. you just need to work quickly. here's a list of items all of which can be made ahead and are good room temp:

      mini sandwiches of chicken salad, almonds and grapes
      mini sandwiches of turkey, cheddar and granny smith apple
      strata or mini quiches
      deviled eggs
      shrimp cocktail
      vegetarian lasagne
      lemon/ginger marinated drumsticks
      hummus or bean dip
      asparagus and orange salad
      bagels and a variety of cream cheeses with smoked salmon
      couscous or bulgur salad with lots of lemon and fresh herbs
      sesame noodle salad
      chopped cobb salad
      teriyaki chicken on skewers
      skewers of buffalo mozz, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil
      trays of olives and nuts
      cheese and crackers
      fruit salad on skewers
      mini cupcakes or cheesecakes
      poundcake with fruit compote or whipped cream

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        Thanks, these are all great suggestions. Perhaps I'll practice once w/ phyllo over the summer, to see if I can't figure out some nice finger food with that

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          I love to put out marinated asparagus. Blanch asparagus then put in plastic bag with (combine before marinating) balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, crushed garlic, pepper, salt, dijon mustard. Or you may also may also use your favorite vinaigrette dressing. Let marinate for 12-24 hours.

        2. re: hotoynoodle

          What a wonderful list of items. I can only add smoked sausage (or shrimp) wrapped in bacon basted in BBQ sauce and then broiled. First to go at all of our parties.