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Jun 4, 2007 11:20 PM

Choate Bridge Pub

In Ipswich. Going tonight for first time. Like seafood and salads. Whats good for me on the menu?

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  1. Shaebones - It's time for an intervention! 2:20 AM and you're thinking about the next night's dinner! Since I can relate to that completely, we may need a joint session. You guided me to Zalek's so I'm privileged to fill you in on the Choate Bridge. I've been going for 30 years or more and I'm proud to say that not a single thing has changed. Specials on the wall and the placemat is the menu. I can't speak to the salads because every time I want to say, "I'll have the caesar with chicken", I hear myself saying, "I'll have the fried clam appetizer and a medium rare burger". It's truly a very good burger but I'm frightened to bring that up in this board because we'll get 76 burger posts - Let's keep it our secret!

    The lobster roll is outstanding and even something as routine as the tuna roll is done well. They have a very good grill menu - tips, sausage and chicken. The special board changes often enough so that you may find chicken parm one night and striped bass the next.

    It's not fine dining but more often than not it fits the bill for those times you ask the question, "I've been working in the yard all day - where can I get some good food?"

    It's a step back in time and I am sure you'll enjoy it for exactly what it is. Have fun.

    1. Clam chowder and lobster roll.

      1. I went for the first time about a month ago. Really enjoyed the lobster roll, seemed a great value -- lots of lobster and for a reasonable price IIRC. I had very good potatoe salad on the side (I think they let me sub that for FF's that were supposed to come with). DC had a burger and he was quite happy. The pub side seems much more fun than the dining room. Very friendly service.

        1. Well, a mixed bag report. Got the baked haddock on special. Shoulda taken recs to get lobstah roll still a deal @ $13.95. Haddock was over cooked and dry, served w canned corn ;/ Needed a side salad to round me out which was good. My friend had a tossed salad and appetizer fried clams which was a HUGE amt by the way. I kept stealing from his plate. They were very good. Too much to finish though and he doggy bagged the rest. Next time I'll heed hound advise and get the lobstah roll.. Thanks.

          1. My favorite lobster roll around by far. Lots of tail meat. Huge... and still relatively inexpensive. We had a vacation house in Ipswich last summer and ate at the Choate Bridge 3-4 nights a week. I think I had the lobster roll every time. I am craving one right now!!!!! YUM!

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              We went last night, and the fried clams were probably the best I have ever had. I had the lobster roll (natch), and it did not disappoint. Delicious and still only $13.95. Funny, I ate soooooo many fried clams that husband had to finish my lobster roll. I was full - but HAPPY!!!

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                I need to get up there but bring my own tartar sauce. How can you serve it out of a packet? Esp. at a sit down restaurant. It's just wrong.

                1. re: Joanie

                  That has changed - the tartar sauce was fresh. And we had tons of it!!! :-)

                  1. re: Small Plates

                    Weird, in another recent thread, someone said it was still packets. Good to know, thanks.