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Jun 4, 2007 09:59 PM

Dinner for 6 in Cleveland that includes both sets of in-laws

Older greek couple, chinese couple, and am not sure about where to go. Know my father will pay and I don't want him to pay too much. So forget bad steak and seafood chains. Would be great if we could get a nice salad and pasta for <25$

Any other ideas? They are advenrturous but don't like thai is out. Chinese is out cause my mother in-law is a gourmet chef so chinese is out

is there such a thing is a well done creative chain?

Nobody drinks so SCENE related places or alcohol don't really in the scheme of things.


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  1. Why do you want "well done creative chain"? Why not go to a locally owned place. If you want Italian fare, there are many non-chain places that deliver salad and pasta for under $25 that are great (Valerios, Johnny's, etc.). You could get a salad and gnocchi at the Flying Fig, my favorite restaurant in Cleveland, for under $25 as well.
    Further, thai doesn't have to be spicy. The Mint Cafe on Coventry is attentive to your spice requests, my girlfriend hates spice and I love it, and we eat there all the time.
    Could you be more specific in what you're looking for?

    1. What area of Cleveland? Downtown, Tremont, West, East? Definitely need more information. And you don't need a chain to get quality food at a good price; quite the opposite IMO

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        I agree, whereabouts are you going to be? Will everyone have a car? I would recommend Carrie Cerino's (, I've never taken anyone there who hasn't liked it, but it would be a haul if you're going to be on the east side, for example. It's on the SW side of town.

      2. Carrie Cerino's is a good pick if the area is convenient for you.

        For very, very, good Italian on the east side, I suggest Battuto in Little Italy on Mayfield.

        For west side I suggest Bucci's on Hilliard in Rocky River.

        1. I think Little Italy is a good idea in the city and Carrie Cerrino's might work in the Southern burbs. In order of fanciness...Battuto, Dolce Vita and Maxi's are all good.