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Jun 4, 2007 09:52 PM

Girls Night in Sacramento

So a group of us girls are going out for the evening in Sac and would like some recommendations for hip restaurants with good food and a boisterous atmosphere. We are all in our 20s and want to go somewhere we might meet others our age. WE ARE ALL SEAFOOD LOVERS!!!! Any suggestions would be great. Also looking for something close to bars/clubs where we can dance the night away ;) Thanks

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  1. Sounds like you want Mikuni. I don't like it, personally, much too sceney and noisy, but great seafood, extremely (painfully) hip, and lots of fun for young people. A nice bar too.

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      Perhaps the bar at the recently opened McCormick and Schmicks.


      1. re: jennyfur

        Old Town Folsom might just be your place. There is new sushi place on the lower part of Old Town. I have not been there but I have heard it is pretty good.

        Pachangas has some seafood dishes and is pretty boisterous. Good food. The scallops are really good if they are on the menu.

        The seafood dishes at Q'Bole are great according to friends of mine, and is a swinging bar.

        the Hacienda has good food for CA mexican (stay away from anything made with the red sauce however) and is the best bar in town. great margaritias, nice long tables inside and a fantastic deck right on Sutter Street.

        There is also Zinfandel Grille and a thai place down on the lower part.

        Nightlife is great in Folsom. the powerhouse pub packs the palce on the weekends. The Folsom Hotel is a great old time bar. Yagers has music and a great beer selection (the food is great here too but not seafood).

        On the weekends the streey is full of people going from one place to another.

        1. re: bennyboy1

          Old Folsom is fun but a little more laid back than you probably want. You want to be in midtown Sacramento.
          Waterboy on Capitol is awesome. One of the best in sac, food is great, atmosphere is okay. But there is a fun brewery next door (with lots of cute boys).
          The L- Wine Lounge/Urban Kitchen- L/ 18th, is a newcomer to the Sac area. Very Chic, hip vibe. Food is great: organic, small plates. They only serve wine and beer though.
          Mikuni's on 16th/J St. would be fun, very social and I think the sushi is really good.
          Next to Mikuni's is Bistro 33. Food is okay, but it gets pretty busy on Fri/Sat night and they are open late.
          Zocalo- Capitol/ 18th- Food is okay. Atmosphere is awesome and the scene is pretty lively. It is also walking distance to the Press Club, which is where my girlfriends and I go to dance. It's a pretty dive bar, but the scene is really fun. On fri or sat they have 80's night which is a lot of fun. There aren't a ton of places to go dancing, I'd be interested in finding out where you end up.
          Another fun/scene-y bar is the Golden Bear. Very cool, lots of young people.
          If you want to get late night eats, INK is your best bet. 28th and?. Everyone goes there after the bars are closed. They are open until 4am.
          Hope this helps.

          1. re: adefiori

            Sorry to cntradict you but on the weekends Old Town Folsom is hardly laid back. There is live music in four clubs, 13 bars around the Sutter Street area and all are packed to the max on the weekends..All within walking distance....

      2. re: hewn

        I went to high school in Sacramento, so the concept of ANY establishment there being considered "extremely hip" makes me laugh out loud. But things change, so I defer to your more recent experience. ; )

        1. re: JTinLA

          There is HIP and Sacramento hip...

          1. re: JTinLA

            As someone who grew up in the bay area, I'd say that Mikuni is as hip or hipper than any of the San Francisco big club/sushi/bar places (I don't like Mikuni much as it's so noisy, drinks are overpriced, service sucks and the fish is WAY mediocre, but there is plenty of scene to be had).

            Midtown has little pockets - a very cool new Italian place next door to Harlow's is fantastic, Paragary's Blue Cue is packed with beautiful people all night every night, as is Centro. Ink is down the street and serving dinner until 2 or 3 am most nights/mornings.

            1. re: hewn

              I'll chime in and say I am not a Mikuni fan. It's way too loud in there, everyone is mildly sloshed and talking at the top of their lungs, and the food isn't even that good. I'm getting really sick of those rolls that feature "mayo covering fried stuff." The sashimi was pretty good but didn't totally blow my hair back either.

        2. Cafe Bernardos new R15 has a very young crowd on the weekend nights..if you like decent food and playing pool. I would prefer a dive bar myself..but I am not young and hip.