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Jun 4, 2007 09:28 PM

Fish tacos in MSP

Someone posted about this over a year ago, but I'm curious if there are updates. What are your recommendations for fish tacos in the Twin Cities? Many thanks.

Previous query can be found at:

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  1. From the old query, Tiburon is out of business.

    1. If you ever see fish tacos on the menu at the Birchwood Cafe, order them. I had some Tilapia tacos a month ago that were excellent. But they're not a regular menu item.


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      1. re: AnneInMpls

        I have a friend who grew up in LA eating fish tacos and *raves* about the Baja Beach Shack Fish Taco Platter at Chino Latino.

      2. I must admit, I too like the fish tacos at Chino.

        Chiapas has solid ones as well. Pan fried and chopped tilapia. Sometimes a little dry, but still tasty.

        1. My faves:
          Sea Salt in Minnehaha Park
          La Sirena Gorda in Midtown Global Market
          La Perla de Pacifico on 35th and Nicollet (also great ceviche)
          Dominguez Ristorante at 34th Ave S and 50th St by Lake Nokomis--a small neighborhood place that also has good shrimp tacos.

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          1. re: drew13000

            Drew13000--do you mean La Perla de Pacifico at about 60th and Nicollet or is there something new at 35th and Nicollet? just curious...thanks!

            1. re: happysnacker

              Good question--I had fish tacos at both last week and confused the names! I was talking about El Paraiso at 35th and Nicollet. You're right, La Perla is at 60th and Nicollet and they have good fish tacos too!

            2. re: drew13000

              I second the fish tacos at La Sirena Gorda in Midtown Global Market. Warning, though: the fish isn't breaded and deep fried the L.A. way, if that's what you're looking for. (I don't prefer mine deep fried, which is, in part, why I like LSG's.)

              I have often admired the fish tacos on Sea Salt's menu, but, alas, the siren call of the po boy sandwiches is too strong. Maybe next time I'll try the fish tacos.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                I’m with you, DQ--- That oyster po boy at Sea Salt gets me every time. I need to make myself branch out to the rest of their menu. I believe it was Christopher Walken who said, “I’ve got a fever!! And the only prescription is-- More Fish Tacos!!!!!”

                Or something like that.

                Uncle Ira

                1. re: Uncle Ira

                  The last time I was at Sea Salt I forced myself to "branch out" from my standard oyster po boy...instead, I got a catfish po boy! HA! I tried to take a photo for y'all that I could post here, but I had the wrong lens, alas. It was still really good, almost as good as the oyster po boy. It was one, giant piece of perfectly breaded and deep fried cat-fish, then served with the same (as far as I could tell) fixins' as the oyster one. De-lish!

                  I got a fever and the only prescription is, MORE PO BOYS! HA!
                  (that SNL sketch with Walker+Will Farrell is one of my all time fav's.)


            3. SoCal style fish taco sighting! Currently on the lunch menu at California Cafe in (don't laugh) the MOA! It's Atlantic cod that's flash fried, drizzled with some kind of chipotle (sour cream?) sauce... served with cabbage slaw, black beans, and cucumber pico de gallo. White fish deep fried served with a white topping of some kind and shredded cabbage meet are the requirements of an authentic SoCal style fish taco, as I understand them. The word "Atlantic" made me chuckle when the gal was describing how authentic they are; though, frankly, as long as it's some kind of mild white fish, I think you're fine, regardless of whether it came out of an Eastern ocean or a Western one. Didn't try them, alas, so I can't vouch for them... (nor would I consider myself an expert on anything SoCal, so, it wouldn't matter if I did try them...)

              But when I'm at the MOA and am feeling peckish, I like to sit on the balcony at CA Cafe and dine while overlooking the amusement park. I just get a kick out of it. Don't know why.

              The fish tacos don't seem to be a regular thing on their menu (for instance, they aren't on the menu they have on their website) so you might call ahead to confirm...


              If you go to the MOA tomorrow (Sunday), the guy from Ace of Cakes is supposed to be presenting the "worlds largest cupcake" (which he's supposedly making today at the MOA but I didn't see him there at the time I thought they said he would be there...) in order to set a Guiness World's Record. Also, there will be the "world's largest bake sale" featuring Sandra Lee and cupcakes made from recipes developed by various celebrity chefs, including Alice Waters and Paula Deen. Now, I don't know if Miss Lee herself will be there...and whether it would be good or not good if she were...nonetheless, this is what I heard.


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              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                I just looked online and saw the fish tacos on the brunch menu at California
                Cafe. Sound yummy.

                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  I'd really like to see an Alice Waters cupcake. Never woulda thunk it! (I have visions of lemon verbena butter bake with buttermilk icing.)

                  Thanks for the heads up on the tacos!