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Gold Coast/Rush recs

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Need recs in Gold Coast/Rush St area, three nites, three dinners, any food, any pricing ok.
thanks all.

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  1. Le Colonial (French-Vietnamese) is my favorite restaurant in the area.

    1. Ashkenaz Deli, Big Bowl, Le Colonial(2nd!), Cafe Spiaggia, Johnny Rockets, NOMI, Avenues

      1. And not too far away, if you want to get away from the "scene," for reasonably priced, dependable Italian, try Quartino:


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          Quartino WAS a favorite of mine, but after three really terrible meals in a row, I have no desire to go back. I ate there at least once a week for several months. Not just poorly prepared, but virtually inedible. Maybe I just had a string of bad luck, but I'd rather spend the extra bucks for the quality and ambience of Cafe Spiaggia or Coco Pazzo.

          I'll cast yet another vote for Le Colonial (don't miss the spicy monkfish appetizer...#7). Fairly expensive restaurant, but well worth it.

        2. In addition, I like Phil Stefani's on Rush near Hubbard, Saloon Steakhouse, 200 E. Chestnut. Also in that area is Tru, 676 N. St. Clair.

          1. You didn't mention mornings, but the Original Pancake House on Bellevue is great for breakfast, which is served until after lunchtime.

            1. I'll second Le Colonial - make reservations and ask for the upper patio.

              Another of my favorites is Bistro Zinc (State/Cedar/Rush) always a nice place to stop for lunch or dinner. Gibsons is in the same location as is Lux Bar and Hugos Frog Bar - lunch at the Blue Agave will get you decent mexican and for Italian right across the street is Merlot on Maple. Check out http://theelmatclark.net/Public/Resta... - maps to a few of the ones that I like best. Don't over look Salpic├│n for upscale Mexican.

              Have fun! Good food isn't hard to find!

              1. Add Cafe Spiaggia to mix it up.