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Jun 4, 2007 09:11 PM

ISO Palm Springs Dining

Heading to the desert with my husband over July 4th and we're staying at the Parker off of 111. Any ideas? Not looking for fine dining but for something yummy and a fun place to eat. Thoughts?

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  1. A search will give you lots of suggestions, although it will be hot!!!

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    1. re: torta basilica

      Yes, but most of the suggestions are usually higher end such as Zin American Bistro, Le Vallauris, Copley's, etc.

      For lower end but decent
      Matchbox Pizza
      Manhattan in the Desert
      Dales' Lost Highway
      El Galitto
      Yard House (admittedly a chain but has good beer selection)

      1. re: RBCal

        Try some of the happy hour/sunset specials. Usually pretty good in summer. The Falls had one last year that wasn't bad, and Pacifica (Palm Desert) usually has something. Pick up one of the weekly newspapers that has advertising.

        I don't think much of the food/value ratio at Tommy Bahamas, but if there is a steel band playing, it's fun.

        1. re: mlgb

          Good restaurants don't advertise in the weekly papers, they don't need to.

          1. re: Joe Colombo

            Like Johannes? And your suggestions for "yummy and fun"?.

            Besides Zin and Johannes, that is.

    2. If you;'re staying at the Parker, their food is fabulous. We ate there during the film festival and had breakfast 2 tables from Alan Arkin and family! We had breakfast there several times and dinner (also terrific) once.

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      1. re: Beulah

        At the Parker, ask for advice from the Concierge desk, they are very knowledgeable

        1. re: Joe Colombo

          I agree, you should not only eat at the Parker, it is the only place to stay in PS.

      2. I will second Manhattan in the Desert. Had lunch there yesterday and thought the pastrami was the best I have had in the desert. Not quite Langer's, but not a 100 mile drive.