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Jun 4, 2007 08:59 PM

Bread pudding formula?

I have some stale challah rolls and some milk that's about to go bad--I mean, that I have to use up. Is there a formula for a ratio of amount of bread to so much milk and eggs? I don't want to make a whole batch--just enough for a couple servings.

Thanks in advance. I couldn't find anything in Julia's Kitchen Wisdom, which is where I usually find things like this.

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  1. My "recipe" is based on 1 loaf of french bread... can you estimate based on that?
    1 day-old french loaf, ripped into pieces
    1 quart milk
    3 eggs
    2 cups sugar
    1 cup raisins
    3 TB melted margarine

    I've only made bread pudding a couple of times but it seems that you can vary the amount of liquid kindof a lot without ruining it -- you just get something more like cake vs. more like pudding.

    1. Yes- Ina Garten's recipe for croissant bread pudding is foolproof and AMAZING!!! You can half it, sub. the challah for croissants easily and I am still sure it would be great (it is that good of a recipe). I make various flavors- my favorites being banana/chocolate and grilled pinapple/coconut.

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        you need to look up bread and butter pudding.

        bread pudding is a different thing all together.

        bread and butter pudding is a bread, raisins, eggs, milk or cream, butter, vanilla and sugar mix which is sort of custardy.

        bread pudding is not made with milk but water, and is heavily spiced and heavily fruited with dried fruits.

        sorry but being a Brit they are not the same dessert.

        1. re: smartie

          While that may be true in England, it's certainly not true in America. If you google bread pudding you may be surprised.

          To the OP, I would suggest going to ALLRECIPES and changing the number of servings and see what you get. You should find something that appeals to you.

        2. re: JAC13

          Thanks, Jac13! I'm glad to hear that it's a very flexible dessert. Many baked goods have to have the exact amounts, or the dish comes out bad. I think I'll definitely add chocolate! :)

          I'm an American, and I don't know anyone who's be happy if they got a dessert made with water and fruit when they were expecting "bread pudding"! ;)

          Bryan, I completely forgot that Allrecipes has that serving converter on their site. I also went to and found a recipe by Dave Lieberman with chocolate and raisins that seems easily halved. I might try that one.

          Thanks for all of the help! :)