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Jun 4, 2007 08:20 PM

Cookware every man should have?

Does anyone know of a near definitive list of cookware that every bachelor should never be without?

Sure the occasional cup of Campbell's soup is fine when you're too sick to cook, but what should a guy have in his kitchen? What brands are good and will last if you're trying to build a kitchen?

When you've been out shoveling snow in the winter, raking leaves in the fall, and mowing the lawn during the summer and want to prepare a meal fit for a king, what should you have?

Furthermore, when it's time to impress that lucky lady with your ability to bring home the bacon and fry it up, what should you equip yourself to woo said fair maiden?

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  1. For a single person I instructed my three sons, that the three things they need are
    a crock pot, a cast iron skillet, and a pressure cooker. to start off with. then you
    can build from that.

    1. I think every man should have a grill. I'm a woman and wouldn't want to live without one ever again. All meats taste great off the grill, and fresh veggies too. All you need is a little olive oil, salt, pepper and some herbs and every meal can taste like it was expertly prepared.

      If an outdoor grill isn't possible, a good cast iron grill pan will suffice.

      1. great post. i can't imagine the number of repies. all-clad or ittala hackman.
        stock pot
        frying pan
        saute pan
        non stick pan
        le crueset dutch oven
        spice grinder
        cutting board
        garlic press

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          ["all-clad or ittala hackman."]

          Finally, a mention of ittala hackman on Chowhound!

        2. Do you have a knife? Spend a lot of money on that (wustoff). Get a cast iron pan (which should be cheap. any brand will do), a pot to boil water (doesn't have to be fancy. that should be cheap, too), and a sheet pan/jellyroll pan for the oven (another cheap one). You're set...just for the basics. You will want more, but with those things in your arsenal, you can do quite a bit.

          1. My list would go as follows:
            a good chef's knife
            a good paring knife
            good spoon to cook with
            good spatula
            non-stick or other small pan
            frying pan
            pot to boil water
            a casserole or other baking dish

            and to woo the woman of your dreams: a nice cocktail shaker and martini glasses ;)