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Jun 4, 2007 08:12 PM

Spirito's -- Elizabeth

Wow! Loved it. The atmosphere, the food, the attitude. It's all there and it's all Jersey.

We had a two hour wait from the time I picked my brother up and waiting for our parents to arrive at Newark. We headed to Spirito's on the advice of a friend.

We got lost, called and the bartender gave us directions. We arrived and decided to eat in the bar. Baseball was on the tv and the locals were drinking beer and eating pies on a Sunday evening.

We ordered our beers. I got the ravioli and my bro got the chix parm with ravioli. The beers arrived along with Italian bread, but no butter. The waitress was a hoot. I bet you anything her name was Maria or Rose. At least in her late 60's and curt, at best. Honestly, I was a little scared to ask for butter.

When I finally got the nerve, she barked, "Ain't got it. Never had it. Not in 75 years."

But she said it with a smile.

I wasn't scared anymore. My asking for butter signaled that I wasn't a local. That and the fact that I said, "Hi, y'all!!!"

See, I was born in NYC, but moved when I was 4 to Louisiana. I have a little accent.

We waited in our green booth for our meals. This place opened in 1933 and I think everything's original. The bar, the tile floor, our waitress, our green painted booth with so many coats of paint that my brother said, "I think it's just layers and layers of paint holding the wooden booth together."

Our food arrived and it was hot. My plate had fluffy pillows of ricotta cheese at big as my palm. Huge, fluffy, delicate ravioli. The pasta was homemade. The sauce was simple, smooth and sweet. I loved it.

My bro's chix parm was HUGE! Three thin breasts covered in sauce and cheese. A.lot of food.

We got our leftovers in a box and a second beer each and sat and visited for a while. The waitress brought the bill and told us no rush. We were chatting and the bro offered to buy and took out his debit card to pay.

The waitress saw this and came running and barked, "No credit cards. Never took them. Not in 75 years."

We both looked at her.

"And no coffee either."

We just stared.

"No butter, no credit and no coffee. Not in 75 years."

Our bill was $48 for 4 beers and two entrees. We loved our meal and our waitress.

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  1. welcome to spiritos. growing up in lizabeth in the 60's this was the after little lague place to go. and yes the paint was green there was no butter and dad did not have a credit card if there were any

    1. You reminded me of something...I remember you would see folks who brought their own butter in. I used to go their once a week when we lived in the area, now rarely get to go. I'm so jealous, I could really go for a few of their ravioli right now!

      1. I was directed here in a reply from this board to my request for a place to eat while overnighting in Newark on my way out of the country. This is really a good local place and your description hits it perfectly. I had the "Veal Parm wit Ravs" as the bartender called it and it was excellent as well.

        1. After one bite you know this is AMAZING food!
          Yes, if you like butter on your bread, bring your own LOL

          1. Spirito's is the new kid in the neighborhood @ 75 years strong.

            Next time to complete your meal you need to walk down the block and around the corner for a real dessert treat @ Di Cosmo's Italian Ices.....@ 93 years strong.


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              jfood grew up on Spiritos and DeCosmos.

              He has a meeting in NJ on Tuesday and was thinking about a few dozen raviolis. Are they open for lunch?

              1. re: jfood

                Me too. Every week I'd be there with either my dad or my mom (divorced parents who loved to eat well), ordering the crisp veal cutlet and ravioli. I wish I could duplicate those ravioli at home? Anyone know the secret to those soft pillows or creaminess? JF- you know it's worth it to just stick around until they open and have dinner to satisfy your craving.