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Jun 4, 2007 08:05 PM

Ethiopian food in Beijing?

I am craving Ethiopian food! Does anyone know of a place in Beijing? I have heard there is an African place near the Laitai Flower Jie. Not sure how good it is or if it actually has injera. That's what I really have a hankering for.

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  1. This is what cityweekend lists for the restaurant i think you're talking about:
    Never been there though, enjoy!

    Pili Pili 比力毕利非洲餐吧
    You won't mistake Beijing's first African restaurant for any other eatery: Where else would you walk through a door covered by reeds? Pili Pili literally means "chili peppers," and this restaurant delivers plenty of zing with a menu full of spicy, barbecued meats made according to traditional recipes. Perfect for a Serengeti feast.

    Laitai Flower Jie, 22 Xingba Lu
    near the end of Star Bar Street
    Open 9:30am-2am

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      Unfortunately, this place is not Ethiopian, it's more like southern African. I have never seen an Ethiopian restaurant in Beijing.

    2. I would not trust it even if there were an Ethiopian restaurant. I once went to a Middle Eastern kabob place near Sanlitun, and lord and behold, they don't serve any kabobs...and it's a kabob place (so go figure).

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      1. re: WHills

        You're not talking about the Kebab Kafe in Sanlitun, are you? I go there for its German food, and the best gluhwein in Beijing during winter.

        1. re: klyeoh

          I hear doner kebabs are the favorite fast food in Germany, and often served in a sandwich form. That would explain the name.

      2.'s blog reports on Ras Ethiopian Cuisine, Beijing's first Ethiopian restaurant. I've been and its good and yes it has injera

        1. Your timing is excellent........

          Sorry, I posted before I saw mwester's post

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            1. re: enunna

              i ate at ras a couple of weeks ago ... not really a report but just a tidbit.

              no smoking
              small portions
              we had the 4 combo with the split peas, that staple poached carrots/cabbage/potatoes salad, lamb stew, and the chard.

              where i come from (san francisco bay area) there are a lot of Eritrean restaurants and their portions are HUGE. measured against past experience, Ras was less flavorful with way smaller portions. i'm used to seeing food piled high onto the injera and at Ras it just looked more like a painters palette. and back in the bay, that poached potato/cabbage/carrot salad thing is usually a (complimentary) centerpiece among the piles. however, everything we had tasted good enough except for the chard which was rubbery and very bitter despite the drizzle of acid. my dining companion doesn't eat a lot and i didn't hesitate to peel the injera off completely.

              then there is the show. the dancers - two female and one male - was definitely having a good time (entertaining each other) on the raiser but the music was way too loud - louder than many of beijing's rowdier bars! but props to the dancers, their chin jutting and shoulder rolling skills were impressive.

              i had a glass of south african (i think) pinotage that was either really bad or corked. the owner - a very cool guy - offered to change it after an initial no-can-do by the waitress.

              this was on a wednesday evening at 830p and the place was pretty much full.