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Jun 4, 2007 08:03 PM

Cheap eats for lunch in Windsor

Hi folks,
I will be in Windsor this friday for lunch. I'm looking for average to low prices, any type of food, im not picky. I will be downtown, but will have a car so i can go elsewhere if needed. Thank you in advance for your suggestions, I have a hard time finding good places to eat in windsor, i need to know what the locals know!!!

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  1. Hi, I grew up in Windsor and go back often to visit family
    El Mayor on Wyandotte E for Middle Eastern (there is a large Lebanese population in Windsor - you will also find great bakeries in this area)
    Malic's on Wyandotte E for old style deli
    Spago (the trattoria on the main floor) for Italian on Erie St - there are lots of Italian restaurants on Erie if that doesn't look good
    If you go to University or Wyandotte W near the U of W there are a ton of Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants
    Good Luck