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Jun 4, 2007 07:50 PM

Best Restaurant in Honolulu?

I'm looking for the best (or close to) romantic restaurant in Honolulu. I would like it to have a really nice view and SUPER good food. Right now I am looking at Brown's Beach House, but would really prefer something thats not in a hotel. I am looking to spend around $100 for two people. Thanks So Much!

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    1. Not to put a wrench in things, but at $50 per person you are not going to get the best Honolulu has to offer, especially if you are including adult beverages in that tab. Alan Wongs and 3660 listed above are great, but no view. Sadly if you want a spectacular view you are almost entirely limited to the Waikiki Hotels.

      For a view and romance I still think that the Hau Tree Lanai can't be beat. The food is probably not the most original, but I personally have never had anything other than a great meal there. The service is polite, cordial, and slower than molasses. The one real downside. But I don't know of anyplace else where you are virtually sitting on the beach, under the spreading hau trees,with the stars up above and all of waikiki spread out along the shore.

      You might want to check out the Ilima Awards as well, listing Honolulu's popuar choices. Google ilima honolulu, or check the following summary by the Honolulu Newspaper.

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        Yes, it's true what he just told you. I think that you might try to have dessert or pupus
        and drinks at Mariposa in Neiman Marcus on a Friday night and catch the fireworks that the Hilton puts on. I've never been to the Hau Tree Lanai but it sounds like it could work.
        BTW, Brown's Beach House is on the Big Island at the Fairmont Hotel (used to be the Orchid and before that the Ritz Carlton.) Good luck in your meal.

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          Thanks for the help guys, glad I didn't book at Brown's Beach House, seeing how that would be the wrong island! =) None of the websites actually tell you which island they are on, so I've been trying to map it and make sure I'm actually on the right island. That seems to be working out well! =) Thanks for the info!

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            You want someplace listed as Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki. If it says Kona, Wailea, Princeville.... wrong islands.

            If you want to go the pupu's route Mariposa is very good. You might also try the beachside "bar" at the Halekulani. You can probably do that for around $50/person. Figure $10-$15 for each type of pupu, and just a bit more for each drink, depending on what you order - although it could go higher.

            If you have decided that your budget wasn't realistic, and you really do want to do the top of the line restaurants (alan wongs, mavro, roys) then you need to about double your amount to $100/person. Kinda scary yeah?

        2. re: KaimukiMan

          Do you, or anyone, have the current best list?

          1. re: kel

            If you want a "list", I would start by checking the reviews for the Ilima Award winners for 2007. I don't agree with all the selections, nor will anyone else, but it is a good cross section of what is out there and what people like. Hope this helps.

        3. I just returned from Honolulu last week so a few restaurants are still fresh in mind for you to consider. Super good food, not a lot of view, but within walking distance of Ala Moana shopping center is a place called Okonomi Kai (808-944-1555. 1427 Makaloa St). If you've ever been to a Japanese teppanyaki (even if you haven't!) you'll love this place. A huge menu, predominantly of simply prepared grilled items, not a sushi or benihana-ish type place.

          We loved it so much we went twice.

          Most notably:

          Poke on the Okogi, fresh ahi tuna cubes, marinated in shoyu on hijiki (seaweed salad), tossed with sesame seeds, daikon radish, nori and on a bed of crispy rice squares

          Renkon (Lotus Root) with Cheese -- a japanese version of a quesadilla, the 5 lotus root slices are overlayed and grilled, topped with a mound of shredded cheese, and then topped with a thin crepe to make a tasty appetizer. Try it w/ the tabasco!

          Tokyo Tower - 24 oz (abt) 9 glasses served in a cylindrical tubed topped with a Tokyo Tower -- we had a lot of fun as a couple working our way (and getting lots of kudos for finishing it) through that!

          Okonomis - any of them -- okonomi is a combination of veggies, seafood, meat, and batter that makes for the most original and filling treat!

          Rib Eye - tender and delicious!!

          All together, there were more eaten, including grilled mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes with maui onion, -- each time inclusive of beers, some original sake martinis and gratuity we ordered 5-6 dishes and did not spend more than $100. I hope you'll venture in.

          1. My other contribution would be Halekulani's House Without A Key at sunset. They always have the best most elegant (not in your face) hawaiian musicians, the best view, and food and service are always great. Manageable on the expenses, I had the ahi tuna appetizer, and a chicken salad dish (fantastic, both) -- my husband the rib eye. +2-3 drinks we were well under $100.

            1. Sorry to be a kill-joy, but there's nothing that SUPER with a good view. I don;t think any of the places suggested so far are that romantic, possibly with the exception of Hau Tree Lanai, which I haven't been to. For what I think you're looking for, at least in the super-romantic category, Cabanas at the Kahala Mandarin Oriental is right on the beach & you eat in your own private cabana (surprise!). The food at Hoku's, the other restaurant there is good, so I'd imagine this to be, too. We had resvs, but it was too windy that night, so we moved into the chef's bar at Hoku's, so I can't give you a first hand report. Just an idea... (and it will be over $100 - sorry!)