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Jun 4, 2007 07:21 PM

What happened to the sparrow?

I was reading a Toronto Life article about a new restaurant opening on Ossington, in the space where the sparrow used to be. Did it close recently? I thought I walked by it a few weeks ago and it was still there? Does anyone know what happened to it?

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  1. I read the same article and it said a new place will open later this summer, with a chef from the U.S., in place of the sparrow. But I think the Sparrow's still there for a month or so yet.

    1. I pass by the Sparrow on my way home from work, pretty sure it's still there....

      1. A new restaurant will be going into that space. The principals involved are friends of friends. Should be very cool.

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          That's great news! According to the article I read it seems like the chef is from Montreal:

          "Another debut… Corinna Mozo is from Montreal with Cuban and French Canadian parents. She went to Stratford Chefs School, then moved to Boston where she garnered rave reviews for her work at Chez Henri, Truc and then Glory, in Andover. Now she’s moved to Toronto and will be opening a new place on the deeply trendy Ossington Avenue—number 92 to be precise, where The Sparrow once fluttered. Thinking ahead to a September opening, she envisions a menu of brasserie food, “the kind of stuff chefs like to eat after their shift,” plus some items from her own background such as Cuban empanadas and pressed sandwiches. Judging by the adulation of the Beantown scribes, we should count ourselves lucky."

          If it's true then it's really really exciting!

          1. re: cutehinano

            Was the Sparrow a failure? Anyone have any idea why they had to close their doors?

            1. re: jamesm

              They are awesome people and great at running bars, but restaurants, maybe not so much. I heard from people around town that opening a restaurant was a spur-of-the-moment decision based on becoming friends with a cook who drank at Sweaty Betty's. So they leased the space and then they guy was like, "by the way, I'm vegetarian, and won't cook any meat." Uh oh. So they scrambled to find a new guy, never had a really proper kitchen set-up, etc. According to the rumours it just became a hassle (albeit a fun one with occasionally good food).

              Also, this is scurrilous gossip, and if anyone with more knowledge wants to refute me, please go ahead. I sure don't want to misinform people - Sweaty Betty's is my favourite bar in town!

              Corinna will blow people away with her food, and the vibe will be fun and relaxed for sure. One of a few new projects on Ossington that I know about that will turn the street from "in the know" to "destination."

        2. I was just hired for kitchen staff at The Spa rrow's New Location on 2197 Bloor Street West... No we didnt fail, we've moved thats all.. Drop on by opens Apr 19th For Dinner and then normal buisness from there... Dan H