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Jun 4, 2007 07:12 PM

Fried Chicken between Berkeley & Sonoma

Making a road trip Thursday up Anderson Valley way - starting in Berkeley mid morning and ending up in Boonville and am looking for the best suggestions for some take out fried chicken for picnics.

Thought of Louisiana Fried Chicken in El Cerrito, but not sure it's open early enough so extra points for places say north of Petaluma figuring by the time we get that far the chicken will be ready.

Any suggestions all?


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  1. Well, there's a new Popeye's in Rohnert Park. But maybe you'd consider taking the scenic route through the town of Sonoma and stopping at the Sonoma Market or a little further north the Glen Ellen Market. Washoe House on the north end of Petaluma makes a very plain fried chicken, be sure to bring your own salt and pepper plus hot sauce. The Owl Cafe in Cloverdale used to do a credible chicken in a basket, but it's been years since I last had it. If you can handle a garlic and rosemary-scented rotisserie chicken, then Oliver's in Cotati or Cafe Citti in Kenwood.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Popeye's is substandard and beneath contempt.

      1. re: NYJewboy

        On Tuesday's in Berkeley, Popeye's is merely standard and slightly above contempt at 99 cents for 2 pieces. All the homies from West Btown eat there then!

    2. Willi Birds, on Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa, does killer fried chicken and would probably give it to you to go. They make it to order, so give them at least 20 minutes notice. You know, as much as I love Oliver's in Cotati, I've always found their rotisserie chicken a bit dry. Too bad, because their mashed potatoes are excellent.

      1. Louisiana Fried Chicken in El Cerrito totally sucks. You could do better at KFC..

        Trinity's Southern Cuisine in Rodeo has good fried chicken. Up the street is Ricky's which is a nice fried chicken too. I prefer Trinity's and they have better sides if that is important.

        364 Parker Ave
        Rodeo, CA 94572

        Ricky's Corner
        18 Parker Ave.
        Rodeo, CA 94572
        (510) 799-5222

        House of Soul in Vallejo gets lots of postivie mentions, but don't know the hours and haven't tried them yet.
        1526 Solano Ave
        Vallejo, CA 94590
        (707) 644-3792

        In Sonoma, Sonoma Market has mighty fine fried chicken. It is kept warm under a heat lamp, but it is Rocky Jr. and it holds up well.
        500 W Napa St Ste 550
        Sonoma, CA 95476
        (707) 996-3411

        That being said, the Willie Bird suggestion sounds good .. .though I haven't been
        Willie Bird's Restaurant
        1150 Santa Rosa Ave
        Santa Rosa, CA 95404
        (707) 542-0861

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        1. re: rworange

          In a fit of desperation, I had some Louisiana Fried Chicken from the Oakland (Broadway) branch the other day, and that one also sucks. I agree with the Sonoma Market recommendations, but it is a bit out of the way (though scenic, as Melanie says)

        2. Ricky's Corner in Rodeo, I haven't tried Trinity's that RW mentioned, but I know Ricky's holds up well cold. My inlaws schedule their last meal there when they visit so they have leftovers for a box lunch on the plane. The light coating doesn't end up greasy and congealed.

          Ricky's Corner
          18 PARKER AVE
          RODEO, CA 94572-1119

          PHONE (510)799-3311

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          1. re: Scrapironchef

            Do we know if Ricky's (1) opens early enough or (2) serves fried chicken that early (special fryer machine)?

            1. re: J T

              Actually, on Thursday Ricky's has a $7 chicken special and opens at 11 am ... and really, few places serve fried chicken before that time. So if that fits the schedule ...

              Previous Ricky's posts

              Trinity also opens at 11

              Church's in Vallejo makes a mighty fine chicken the caveat being you have to catch it at opening or fried fresh. It doesn't hold well, but fresh from the frier it is quite addictive. So it really doesn't apply here, but if there is a Church's at your destinaiton and you ask them for fresh-from-the-fryer ... it might work.

          2. Another place to consider is Max's in Vallejo. I like their fried chicken. I don't know what other's opinions are.