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What's Your Favorite Korean Popsicle?

If ya'll haven't had the pleasure of tasting some of Korea's summer delectables, ya'll are in for some palate-pleasers.

I for one have an undying love for Screw Bar, Jaws Bar, and Watermelon Slice.

Screw Bar: Strawberry flavored pink and white swirl on a stick with a red inside. Use to be known as Screw 300 when it use to cost 300 Won each...

Jaws Bar: shape of a shark, purple grape flavor outside with a blood red strawberry flavor inside.

Watermelon Slice: looks like an actual piece of watermelon slice but on a stick, red on the top and green on the bottom, has chunks of chocolate watermelon seeds.

What are some of your favorites?

BTW you can find the Screw and Jaws Bar at the major Korean markets... as far as Watermelon, it's being phased out even in Korea.

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  1. I've never had one, but the watermelon bar sounds good. I love watermelon.

    1. Our favorite thing lately is a Korean ice cream sandwich, of sorts. The outside layer is a sort of thin waffle pancake, and inside is vanilla ice cream and a sweet, syrupy, chunky filling. It's EXACTLY like a frozen version of the syrup-filled, freshly griddled rice pancakes you can get from truck vendors outside certain grocery stores in Korea Town. So good! You can get them at Korean grocery stores in a package of 5 for $6.99. I think the English name on the sign was "honey ice cream" or something.

      1. My favorite bars since I was a kid have been Screw Bar, Jaws Bar, and Cappuccino 500!

        I used to like the dduk-encased ice cream balls that would come two in a white plastic pack (I think it has rabbits on the front?) and the sherbet-like things that would come in orange-shaped plastic containers (with attached spoons, I might add).

        1. I still like the Melon! Melon! bars (Green melon flavored) and the ice cream mochi .

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            My favorites as well. I would love to find the honeydew melon flavor in a gelato form somewhere.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              I believe that some Korean stores carry the assorted "jelly po" (I know the spelling is off).
              If I remember right, the greenish colored one was a melon flavor.

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                Thanks! I'll be on the lookout for jelly po next time.

          2. The Jaws bar is my all time favorite and it hasn't changed at all since I was a kid. I guess I just love biting in and seeing blood...yikes.

            1. Melon bar!!
              Ba-Bam-Ba!!!!! <---- (chestnut) there're two brands for this (haetai and lotte) and I forget which is which but one brand is much better than the other.
              and of course, the classic, Bi-Bi-Bic.. (red bean)

              and also the regular junky Jju-ju-bar.. (flavored ice) the cheapest kind is the best..

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              1. re: koreankorean

                ju ju ba!!!!! Love that stuff.

                I really like those push pop coffee popsicles I used to get that you can break in half. I don't know if you can get those over here in the US though. I also like those red bean popsicles with the black wrapper and for some reason I hated those green melon popsicles when I was younger. My parents used to buy a huge box and eat them all the time, but I thought they were gross...I love them now.

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                  They indeed sell the coffee popsicles that you can break in half at all the Korean Markets in LA and SD

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                    reeally do they sell ju ju ba here in the us? i live in san jose, ca idk where to get one. ):

                2. I haven't had a lot of Korean popsicles, but I LOVE the watermelon slices! Is it really going away????

                  1. Oh, the walnut, the walnut, the walnut! All of em, especially the ones that come in beautiful squishy insulated foil bags. But the walnut, yes. Now I have to go get a freezerful.

                    1. btw jaws bars are orange flavored outside with strawberry on the inside