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Uptown dinner recommendations

We are entertaining a couple from Dallas this weekend and are looking for a recommendation for an uptown restaurant. I know I know, they are from Dallas so even our worst idea will still blow them away. Nevertheless, we are looking for something not too expensive and somewhat casual. Jacque-Imos would meet this description, but we have already been there with them. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Dante's Kitchen is nice, good food. Really nice patio too.

    Then there is Lillette and Le Petit Grocery, both of which I think have gotten mixed reviews on this board. I liked them both, Lillette more than Grocery. Don't know if they are casual enough, but their both bistros.

    Everyone loves Dick and Jenny's, I've only been once and had an ok meal. The wait is ridiculously long because they don't take reservations.

    1. Iris. Not boisterous like J-I's, but the food is great, and it's small and pretty casual. I do like Dick and Jenny's, too. One Restaurant might be good, too, though I wasn't overly impressed the very last time I went. They've changed the menu since then, you might want to take a look.

      Also, Crepe Nanou or Mat 'n' Naddie's.

      1. Table One Restaurant on Magazine, Crepe Nanou, Iris...all great choices, none overly dressy, and great food. Not too impressed with Dick and Jenny's...just ok. You could also try Nardo's Trattoria (on Laurel).

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        1. It is hard to beat Dante's

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            how about Brigsten's. best duck in town

          2. By all means, Brigsten's both fits the bill for food & experience and is relaxed in atmosphere to boot, and also blows away any of the other places mentioned previously.

            The Upperline is very good as well, but the food at Brigsten's is the trump card.

            Be sure to call ahead for a reservation, though. Frank and Marna Brigsten do well for a reason...

            1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. However, we ended up going to Cafe Atchafalaya on Louisiana. Hadn't been in several years, but the entire evening was super fantastic. We started with Fried Green Tomatoes, Drunken Oysters (sauteed in white wine and scallions), and crab cakes (with two kinds of remoulade sauce). The portions were decent but all delicious. Dinners included strip steak, beer battered bass (say that 10x fast) and redfish with a tomato/crab cream sauce. The fish were excellent but the julienned sweet potato chips stole the show. My only complaint was that they did not have blackberry cobbler, a favorite of mine from the past. However, their brownie laced with cayenne pepper and cinammon and topped with vanilla ice cream went a long way to make me forget the cobbler.

              I highly recommend this out of the way place: the service was as good as the food and we even made friends with the owner, Tim.

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                I will be going to New Orleans next month and was checking the board to see what is new. I am ecstatic that Atchfalaya is open again, I ate at it ten or so years ago and then a few years ago I tried to find it and it was boarded up. Is it in the same location? Please let me know. Thanks.

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                  Same place as always. They have renovated inside so it looks a little different. Enjoy!

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                    Same location, entirely different people. If you liked the old one, I think you'll enjoy the new one.

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                      We spent $170 with tip for four people and one bottle of wine. Meals were in the $20-25 range. They have a website with menu as well: http://www.cafeatchafalaya.com/