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Jun 4, 2007 06:57 PM

Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale - Westbrook, CT

I went to Lenny and Joe's over the weekend. Great food, and very casual. I am not familiar with the area, and noticed a number of interesting placing to eat. I would like to learn more about the restaurants in the area, and what the group would recommend. Interested in all kinds of food, seafood, steak, Italian, etc.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Love Lenny & Joe's. we will travel down to Westbrook just to go there. Sorry but I don't know other restaurants in the area. Lenny & Joe's gets all our attention. Jay

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      Went there 6 years ago on a cross country trip with the family...we still talk about the great still have the great t-shirts they put up for sale back the place!!! Hope to get back one day

    2. Welcome to the Shoreline East, chow magnet and home to a zillion boats! Seriously, there are lots of great dining choices nearby. I'll list a few to get you started, there are lots more.
      Top picks: Pazzo (innovative Italian) and Cafe Routier (continental/american).
      Good: Boom, L&J's, Edd's Deli, several others.
      Top: Jack's American Bistro (intimate), Liv's Oyster Bar (And a great restaurant as well).
      Good: Water's Edge (great Sun. brunch), Terra Mar Grille, AlForno, many others.
      Don't forget to check out Pasta Vita (yummy frozen Italian food) and Fromage (cheese shop)
      Top: Copper Beech Inn, Gabrielle's Restaurant.
      Good: Griswold Inn (they have a pub and a wine bar too), Black Seal, a few others.
      Best: Taste of China, Good: Aqua, a few others.
      I'll quit there (and I haven't even mentioned Madison, Lyme or Guilford.
      Don S.

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        Where would you recommend in Lyme?

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          A restaurant called Boom recently opened at the site which was once Sherlock's. They are owned by a company who has similarly named well regarded restaurants in Stonington and Westbrook. I haven't been there yet, but if it is anything like it's namesakes, it is worth a try. Bee and Thistle Inn and Old Lyme Inn are also good.
          If you like ice cream, the Old Lyme Ice Cream Shop or the Hallmark Drive in make their own. In East Lyme, Flander's Fish Market has good seafood both to eat there or to cook at home.

      2. I've never been to Lenny & Joes, but if they do excellent beer batter, I'll take a trip.

        1. I have a lot of affection for the clams and lobster rolls at Johnny A's in Old Saybrook, but the tartar sauce and the slaw at Lenny & Joe's is definitely better. I like the Madison L&J's location, right down the road from the beach at Hammonasset.

          1. You can take a look at this site, it has a large list of restaurants in the Westbrook area, This might give you some ideas, Good luck, Earle