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Jun 4, 2007 06:46 PM

Favorite OC Place for 40 people to celebrate a 60th birthday

Looking either for a restaurant with a banquet room or a special "room" like Antonello's to host a 60th birthday in Orange County that has delicious food. . . . no chicken! thanks.

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  1. well, Park Ave has a special room that looks as if it can hold 40 people, you should call and ask. When i went, the food was good but with my high expectations, I was disappointed, maybe you'll have better luck.

    1. For a fun casual festive pub atmosphere... I highly recommend Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs. VERY reasonable buffet/catering, private bar for your banquet room, and free dance floor, etc. Great fresh fish & fritters, standard buffet fare, etc.

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            Have you thought of using a private club? I know several clubs do functions well. El Niguel, Coto, Shady, Big Canyon, Mission Viejo?

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              What about Cannons? You'd have a nice view of the Dana Point Harbor. Lots of seafood to choose from, but the food can be hit or miss. I've had some great fish dishes there, but also some dry/overcooked fish. They have a room on the top floor for private parties, and it's big enough for your party

          2. The spots have good food/service and larger private rooms:
            Salt Creek Grille
            Five Crowns
            21 Oceanfront
            Kimera (new)

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              Go to Chat Noir, you will Love the FOOD, Drinks and the palce has a amazing ambiance!

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                I would have to disagree with Chat Noir as a top notch food choice. The food there is OK to Good, with an occasional Very Good dish once in a while. It is quite a scene however. More than a little trendy and the noise level can get high if you're close to the bar. Fairly typical of the Wilhelm restaurants. Not terrific food, but certainly not bad, so IMHO, would not fit the OP's request of "delicious food".

            2. Has anyone been to the private rooms at Antonellos? Roys? Anaheim White House?
              Mortons? Bungalow? or any other suggestions?

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                Antenellos has a nice room that would fit you - we had excellent food the last time we were there for a function. You could also take over the patio at Bungalow - I think the private room would be too small for 40, but I could be wrong. The patio is a whole lot of fun & very festive, and the food & martinis, of course, yummy!